Is The UK Recycling Efficiently?

In a world where the climate crisis is at the forefront of all discussions, it’s no wonder recycling is becoming increasingly important. We are sadly, a throw away nation and landfills are bursting at the seams. In a bid to reduce the amount of waste we create however, recycling is becoming ever more prominent but in a time where it’s importance is being emphasised on a daily basis, many are now asking whether the UK is recycling efficiently enough? Let’s take a look at a few facts that address this question head on.

Recycling: The Facts

Most Plastics Can Be Recycled (But Not All) – plastic is without a doubt one of the hardest materials to get right. While tins and glasses can be thrown easily into the recycling bin, not every single plastic can which is no doubt where some of the UK’s problems lie. Uncertainty surrounding this dilemma is without doubt contributing to the UK’s less than stellar record when it comes to recycling. With over 40,000 different types of plastic, all needing different treatment, is it any wonder?

Not All Of Your Recycling Is Recycled – while you could be forgiven for thinking that everything you place in your recycling bin gets recycled, you’d be mistaken. It’s not just at one stage where we lose goods either. At every single stage of the recycling process, there’s drop off. Even if you’ve followed all guidelines stringently, it’s no guarantee that your waste will be recycled at the very end.

The Triangle Icon DOES NOT Mean Something Is Recyclable – many people are actually recycling under false pretences. Hands up if you’ve recycled an item because it has the triangle icon on the packaging. You’re not the only one either. Thousands, if not millions do exactly the same but surprisingly, this doesn’t mean it’s recyclable. Instead it means the company producing the packaging actually contributed financially to recovery and recycling of packaging in Europe, not necessarily the packaging in your hand.

The UK Lacks In The Recycling Department

It would appear that despite targets being set, the UK isn’t doing enough to help battle the ever growing concern surrounding its waste. While 42.5% of overall household waste is recycled, we can do way better.

One such way that we can improve is by carefully selecting where we choose to throw our waste. Week by week, we recycle our day to day waste but what about our skip waste?

At Macker’s Skip Hire in Essex, recycling is at the forefront of their objectives. Mackers provide safe, convenient and affordable skip hire and what’s more, they do their utmost to recycle as much of your waste as possible. While this alone won’t help prevent climate change, it’s a small step that we can all take together, creating one giant leap as a whole and as they always say, every little helps. For more information, contact Mackers on 01268 418533.


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