5 Best Ways to Get Rid Of Roaches

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Does cockroach invasion in your home give you sleepless nights? You are not alone. Getting rid of roaches from your home can be tricky because of the two most common cockroach type (American or German roaches) as they require a strategic technique to eliminate them completely.  For you to handle them, you have to figure out first what type you are dealing with. How do you do that? You look at their sizes and physical features plus their habitat.

Cockroaches can transmit dangerous bacteria, contaminate your food, and, worst of all, survive the best-intentioned eradication attempts. But there are a couple of approaches you can use to shut down even the most stubborn infestation with a few tricks. Especially that can deal with Novi roach control and prevent further infestation.

Cut them off from Food

Cockroaches need food just like people do to survive. Unlike people, cockroaches can live off almost anything left out for them, like debris, unopened food, and crumbs.

You can start by cleaning any leftover or spilled food. If you forgot a cereal box in the back, your cabinet considers that a gold mine for roaches. Avoid leaving any dishes on the counter or in the sink unclean.

Make sure all your cabinets and appliances are clean. Also, keep your garbage in a bin and ensure it is tightly shut with a fitting lid.

Eliminate their Hiding Places

Cockroaches need harborage to thrive. Their favorite nooks and crannies include cardboard boxes and stacks of paper; therefore, you can recycle any you have lying around. When you make sure any clutter is clean, that will deter cockroaches from coming back.

Identify Problem Areas with Flashlight and Glue Strips

As you consider what cockroach control method to use, it is best to first check your home for possible roach infestation sites. You can use a flashlight to check any popular hiding spots, including crevices in cabinets, behind the refrigerator, shelves, closet door corners, bathroom cabinets, under the sink, and closets.

For you to locate large infestations, use roach glues strips. Based on your flashlight inspection, check those areas that need to have the strips. Make sure you monitor those areas for a couple of days or weeks. When strips are placed in areas with high-traffic, it can catch most roaches, and these areas will need the most treatment.


Boric Acid Powder for Added Effectiveness

Boric acid is one of the best substances effective in killing roaches that are found in products such as clothing detergent and toothpaste. But when using boric acid, you should be careful how you apply it to avoid children coming in contact with it. It is made by chemically combining boron and water; boric acid is low in toxicity to people and pets but deadly to roaches. When it is not used the right way, boric acid will not be effective and is not typically recommended as the sole method for getting rid of roaches.

Look for Professionals

Dealing with cockroaches is not easy, and that’s why it is not advisable to Do-It-Yourself. You may not be able to effectively understand the type of roaches you are dealing with and the method of eradication to use. Professionals, on the other hand, they are trained to deal with roaches and better understand the right chemicals effective to eradicate roaches from your home completely. They also offer an ongoing solution to cockroach control.

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