Best Places to Hit While You Are in New Jersey

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The kind of liberation that comes along with travelling is one of a kind. You could be an avid reader, but there shall always be something that would go amiss because books cannot furnish you with the kind of knowledge that you can obtain only from your senses. Travelling inundates your soul with the light of wisdom, one that is much unlikely to be found elsewhere. Therefore, if anyone was looking for means to broaden their horizon and soar the skies of unrestrained knowledge, travelling as far and as much as one can is the best option to resort to. Speaking of how travelling makes for one of the greatest means of education, it is impossible to talk about the specialities of all the countries that are there on the planet. Therefore, the land that we have elected to speak about in the article today is New Jersey. New Jersey is often underrated and overshadowed by the glitz and glam of several other countries in the Wild, Wild West. However, once you open your eyes to the wonder that the place is, you shall thank your stars for the knowledge you will have gained after you finish reading through.

Atlantic City:

F.R.I.E.N.D.S fans might already be familiar with the name of Atlantic City. Remember when the five of them came up with a plan to visit Atlantic City in a bid to make up for Phoebe’s missed London trip? If this particular reference does not ring a bell, we are here to introduce you to the city from scratch. Atlantic City is the very first place that must make it to the list when you talk about the best places in New Jersey. The city is all lights and love with entertainment galore. From flaunting a myriad of sporting events to embracing some of the very best casinos, there is no dearth of fun here. And if you are not the one who would want to frequent a land-based casino in the city, you could always try the best NJ slots online. At Atlantic City, there is something for everyone.  


Newark is the second-largest city in New Jersey and too full of possibilities. It dons of a plethora of tourist attractions and is blessed by Mother Nature in all her glory. The aesthetics of Cherry Blossoms is not only unique to Japan, but you can easily find the same beauty in Newark in abundance. And if you needed more reasons to visit Newark, the exquisite architecture of the Newark Symphony Hall and a pleasant boat ride on Passaic River might just do the trick.

Asbury Park:

If you have a thing for small and quaint places, Asbury Park cannot go amiss. It is a little coastal town in New Jersey which is embellished by several magnificent but serene beaches. The beach person in you might have started leaping in joy, knowing that a walk by the calm beach at sunset can be termed as nothing but therapy.


New Jersey happens to be one of the most underrated places on Earth and Boonton, a place in New Jersey, more so. However, it is dunked in rich history, which makes it a must-visit place in New Jersey. If you are aware of the history of slavery, Boonton might pique your interest. It is known for the Underground Railroad that helped approximately 40,000 slaves to flee to Canada. Besides the slave history, Boonton also brags of the Paterson falls, which made the iron industry a thing to look forward to in the city.


Travelling enriches your soul and nourishes your way of living. It is thus, necessary to step out of the confines of your comfort zone and explore the wonders that the world beholds. Of course, we all work on a budget constraint, and it is not possible to go beyond our means to travel throughout the length and breadth of the planet. But, we could all do our bit to travel wherever we can and dose up on the knowledge that comes from moving across the globe.

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