About The Rolls Choice Marijuana Strain – A Review

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Information on Rolls Choice

Rolls Choice Strain is a hybrid strain that is prevalently Sativa. It was created by Royal Choice Farms and has since become quite popular, being named seventh of the top ten in the portion of the flower of the Emerald Cup back in 2015. The strain itself is not overly potent, boasted an about average level of THC for almost anyone to enjoy.

Aroma and Taste

As the name suggests, Rolls Choice has the scent of a bouquet of flowers, mixed with an earthy smell as well as pine. However, it also has been described as possessing a diesel or skunk-like property to it at the same time. In regards to the flavour, this strain has a noticeably strong taste that is a mixture of diesel and lemon. 


Rolls Choice offers a high that is felt throughout the body quite intensely, while also making the user feel more upbeat and prone to laughter than they would be on a regular basis. Moreover, the strain is also known for its more sedative properties that can relax both the body and mind, making the individual feel somewhat lazy and more prone to falling asleep. As such it is advisable to use this strain later in the evening as it will likely make you feel lethargic and ready for bed.

In addition, you can also find medical uses for the strain due to its properties that are able to reduce the impact of symptoms such as pain, insomnia, inflammation and depression.

However, there is some potentially negative experience one may encounter while consuming this strain. These consist of uncomfortably dry mouth and/or eyes increased dizziness, unpleasant tingling sensations, increase levels of anxiety, of difficulty falling asleep.


In sum, if you happen to be in a state whereby you are currently anxious, having trouble sleeping, or find your self in a down mood, Rolls Choice may be a good strain to aid you in dealing with these problems. In fact, it has been named among the top 10% when it comes to offering more relaxing effects.

As such, it can be a fantastic option for those who are dealing with medical symptoms or other symptoms due to the potentially beneficial effects. Disclaimer: this said, it is important to note that this information is courtesy of the testimony of other cannabis users within the community and is not to be taken as professional medical advice and should not be done in place of your doctor’s recommendations.

Please always speak with your doctor before attempting to treat any medical condition with this or any other strain.

Common Effects of the Rolls Choice Strain

Rolls choice has become a popular choice among cannabis smokers because of the pleasant tingling sensations felt throughout the body as well as the effects it has on the mind such as eliminating adverse thoughts or emotions. Moreover, individuals that have difficulty speaking with others may find they are able to be more social and have better conversations with others. You may also experience an increased chance of laughing or giggling during consumption, as well as a sedative effect that will occur one the tingling has subsided which can cause a feeling of tiredness.

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