Dr Lindsay Rosenwald Confirms FBIO Partnership & NYC Penthouse Listed for $65-Million

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Head of Fortress Biotech, Lindsay Rosenwald, is having a stellar start for 2020.  The American Doctor and finance expert closed out 2019 watching his company stock, FBIO, take a leaping growth of nearly 7.5% in December.   This month, January 2020, he’s acquired 100,000 shares of stock in Checkpoint Therapeutic. All eyes are on the businessman, as his moves may indicate what’s next to invest in on the stock market.

Stockmarket Growth

According to Etiquettes.com, Fortress Biotech saw a quick holiday leap in early December. Just before Christmas.     Shares of the medical company closed at $1.87 , after opening at $1.72 that day. Many of the company investors are buying droves of massive share counts of the band, making the 15-cents growth very profitable for ‘whales.’   

The overall market cap for the FBIO stock is $132.36-million.    Earlier in 2019, shares spiked to a peak of $2.59, has already been passed as of today.  On the heels of the news about a licensing deals and partnerships with other brands, the stock is hovering at $2.58 today, January 7th.  Earlier however, FBIO did reach $2.70 which tops all share prices before December 2019.

Investors who bought into the company by December 24th, have seen over a $1 profit per Fortress Biotech stock share purchased.   Wealthy investors are nearly doubling their profits by investing in the brand led by CEO Lindsay Rosenwald.

Worldwide Licensing Deal with AstraZeneca & Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center 

The big shift in stock market value came from an announcement by Fortress Biotech in late December. After much ‘buzz’ about rumors of a potential partnership, extending the company’s value to society, attention was hovering around the medical company.  Once Rosenwald confirmed a deal had been forged and published detail, investors opened their wallets to be the first involved with the company’s growth and opportunity.

“We are thrilled to be working with AstraZeneca and Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center to develop BAER-101. There are several CNS disorders where a selective GABA A PAM has the potential to improve the care of patients. We look forward to exploring the indications for which BAER-101 is most suitable and efficiently advancing the development of this novel therapy,” said the Fortress Biotech  CEO of the new deal.

The partnering mentioned is that of FBIO and AstraZeneca, a pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical company.  Along with the two, it appears Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center, would be the benefactor of the two company’s licensing deal.     

In layman’s Fortress Biotech and AstraZeneca will be working together on clinical trials in hopes of finding cures for select central nervous system (CNS) disorders.  FBIO has exclusive research information from past trials that will be made available to AstraZeneca, surrounding AZD7325. The medical term, AZD7325, is defined as a novel α2/3–subtype-selective GABA A positive allosteric modulator (“PAM”).

With the new information AstraZeneca believes it can provide new medical solutions for people with select central nervous system disorders.

The news is only a fraction of the big news surrounding Fortress Biotech’s CEO however.  The American Doctor & financial specialist, Lindsay Rosenwald has had his thumb on the pulse of various other opportunities as well.

Dr Lindsay Rosenwald Central Park West Penthouse

Selling Central Park Penthouse $65-Million Dollars


While Rosenwald’s acumen for the medical field is highly respected, his business awareness is not to be understated.   The Fortress Biotech CEO is also selling off a penthouse in New York’s wealthy Central Park West district according to Curbed.com.     And it’s not because he needs money by far, instead it’s just the simple fact it’s currently worth double the original purchase price.

The FBIO CEO purchased his 15 Central Park West penthouse years ago for merely $30-million-dollars.   Today in 2020, being located in one of New York City’s most expensive buildings, the prime penthouse is worth over double that original price. 

And this apartment is not a typical penthouse of NYC.  It’s more along the lines of a “Texas” penthouse. Everything is bigger and better inside. The bathrooms and living spaces can fit 4x those of an average New Yorker’s apartment inside this now-for-sale condo’s rooms with the same title.

This is not Rosenwald’s only home either.  The medical field’s “King Midas” perhaps, has another Duplex he’s also managed to resale for a higher value.  

What’s more impressive, as these investments marinate on the market, the American Doctor and CEO still is not stopping.  He’s also a ‘whale’ himself on the stock market.

100,000 Shares of Checkpoint Therapeutics Stock

Away from his Fortress Biotech partnerships and the real estate mega-moves, Rosenwald himself is a stock market investor.  According to TechKnowBits , a journalist just found out here in 2020 that last November Lindsay acquired a sizeable buy of Checkpoint Therapeutics stock shares. 

The article reads: “Director Lindsay A. Md Rosenwald acquired 100,000 shares of the company’s stock in a transaction that occurred on Wednesday, November 20th.” 

Each share of the “CKPT” stock cost somewhere around $1.40 each at this time.   The total sum invested is estimated to be $140k. Some blogs are projecting the stock will grow to triple that original value.  

As of January 7th, it’s worth $1.52 per share.  This value would make Rosenwald’s investment worth $152k, a $12k profit in less than 2 months.

Overall Net Worth of Lindsay Rosenwald

Just these few deals from 2019 to the present, signal that the MD has had major financial success.   However, the actual of networth of Fortress Biotech’s CEO, is not quite known. Willmine claims the medical doctor has a worth lose to $3-million dollars but that was as of November last year.  It’s outdated as it’s since been revealed the New Yorker resident has multiple multi-million dollar real estate investments, worth more than 40x this estimate.

While liquid assets are not the same as net worth,  if the Central Park West penthouse (mentioned above) sells for anything close to the $65-million-dollars being asked, it cripples the Wall Mine blog’s evaluation.  

It’s not clear what Rosenwald’s liabilities are with his Fortress Biotech company but the new Licensing deal should close much of the gap foreseen.   The children’s hospital contract will be valued for years to come. Above this, if AstraZeneca makes a major break through with the licensed research information from FBIO, it could be a shifting force worth billions.

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