Kylie Jenner’s Instagram Adds New Winter Photoshoot

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Kylie Jenner wearing white and black winter outfits, leading into 2020

As we find ourselves entering the last winter of the decade, people all over the country are looking forward to skiing. Kylie Jenner has decided to add onto that trend, and recently posted a stunning photoshoot of herself wearing some designer brands. Ever wanted to see Ms. Jenner sport a Chanel ski getup? If so, you can find some connected to her Instagram page. The pictures are also proof that no matter how bundled up Kylie gets, she’s still a sight for sore eyes. Her curves stand out even underneath multiple layers of weatherproof clothing, leading some to ask if Kylie has had plastic surgery once again. Could Kylie have gone to the best plastic surgeon in Louisville or New York for liposuction? 

Kylie’s Insta Has Been Popping Off

Despite being a (technically) single mother and managing a billion dollar business, Kylie Jenner has not been slacking on her social media grind. Her Instagram has been generating thousands of new followers a month, and to date the beauty mogul has accrued over 153 million. Snapchat & Twitter are no exception to the rule. Kudos to Kylie’s social media team for being able to upload such high quality content on a consistent basis, and kudos to Kylie for coming up with the ideas to begin with. 

With this latest photoshoot, Kylie shows off a different sort of visual styling than the one that you might be used to seeing from the fashion and beauty icon. This shoot has much less to do with the model underneath and much more to do with the designer brands she’s sporting. Whether a Chanel jumpsuit or a Fendi puffer jacket, all the outfits are shown off in the setting of a winter getaway. In and around a ski lodge, Kylie shows off a wide array of winter gear and makes the pieces look sleek and efficient instead of bulky or chunky. 

Kylie’s Winter Gear Can’t Hide What’s Underneath 

There’s no denying that Kylie has an incredible fashion sense. However, one thing on a lot of people’s mind is the astounding shape of Kylie’s figure. It’s hard not to notice when perusing her profile on Insta – even when she’s dressed up to face the cold. Even though she recently had a child, Kylie still looks just as youthful, and most of her fans think it’s because of plastic surgery. Although Kylie has denied having any procedures done besides lip fillers, experts have looked at Kylie’s figure. They’ve found it more likely that the young mother has in fact been visiting the best plastic surgeon in Louisville, NYC, or LA. 

After all, when you look at the situation objectively, it’s hard to deny the reality that Kylie Jenner now looks much different than Kylie Jenner did as a teenager. Call it makeup or fitness or a sort of second puberty if you want, but looks don’t change that drastically unless you undergo some sort of cosmetic procedure – at least, that’s what some fans would say about the whole thing. The truth is, all we can truly go off here is that Kylie has always denied receiving plastic surgery. Plastic surgeons and fans may say otherwise, but there’s no proof that Kylie’s had any procedures at all … yet. 

We can never know whether or not celebrities have gone under the knife, or if Kylie went to the best plastic surgeon in Louisville. What we do know, however, is that Kylie certainly looks great on her social media, and she’ll probably keep looking great for a long time. Regardless of how she goes about gaining that beauty is nobody’s business except her own. So until there’s some concrete evidence out there, fans need to chill on Kylie having had plastic surgery. They can keep freaking out about how good Kylie looks though. We all do that. 

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