Bran Castle – the must-see sight in any Transylvania Tour

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A place rich with history, sitting haughty on top of a 61-meter cliff in the middle of Transylvania, shrouded by mystery, intrigue and magic, Bran Castle is truly one of Romania’s most precious treasures.

You can’t say no to a magnificent, full of history, Transylvania Tour even though you are a fan of a gothic and dark history. You’ll have the pleasure to enjoy breathtaking landscapes, amazing surroundings and to discover some of the oldest romanian traditions around the area. Before we give you even more reasons why you should consider having a trip to this place, let us tell you a little bit about its history.

Bran Castle – rich in a dark and exciting history

We should tell you from the beginning – Bran Castle is unique, it’s like no other in the world. You can imagine that, given the fact that its history led the famous irish author Bram Stoker to write the well-known novel “Dracula” inspired by the infamous Count Dracula, also known as Vlad the Impaler, the ruler of Wallachia.

The history goes back to 1211 when the Teutonic Knights built a fortress on the grounds in the Bran area, but soon, in 1226, they were expelled from the region. In 1377, the Hungarian King Louis I of Anjou granted the people of Brasov the right to build an amazing construction, the one that we know today.

Later, in 1407, this beautiful tourist attraction was given to Mircea the Elder, the ruler of Wallachia by then. As about Vlad the Impaler, it is said that he was imprisoned there for only 3 days. Today, Bran is a museum dedicated to Queen Mary, after she lived there in the 20th century.

3 reasons why you shouldn’t miss castle Bran during a Transylvania Tour

As a place full of charm and mystery, Bran Castle attracts dozens of tourists every single day, more than half of them come here hoping to find the terrifying Dracula. This time, we give you 3 other reasons why you should consider visiting this place:

For the remarkable gothic architectural design

This tourist attractions is known as one of the most precious historical sites in Transylvania. In the 13th century the place begun its life as a wooden citadel and later, its appearance has constantly changed to the form we know today. The current building has an irregular rectangular shape, being mostly build of stone.

As for the interior, all of its 57 rooms, decorated by Queen Marie herself, were refurbished by the appearance of the original ones, thus maintaining the authentic appearance of the place.

For the amazing top view

Situated on a high cliff, this tourist attraction offers tourists some splendid views over the entire area and if you are lucky enough to visit it on a beautiful summer afternoon, you can catch a breathtaking sunset. From the top of the castle, a few hundred meters away, you can see the relics of the former border that separated Transylvania from the Romanian Country.

For finding out more about the area’s rich and Bran dark history

Even though there was no trace of vampire ever in this place, its history is still considered dark and full of mystery. Only on a guided tour you will have the chance to find out more of these informations. For example, did you know that the construction hides a secret tunnel, used back in the medieval times as an escape passage?

Only after Queen Marie made the place her residence and ordered its renovation, around 1920, the tunnel was rediscovered, when an old fireplace was removed, to rearrange one of the rooms. And that’s not the only intriguing fact, but the only way to find our more it’s by visiting the wonderful location.

TravelMaker Tours – the best way to visit Castle Bran

How about an organized tour at the Bran in which you have not only the opportunity to see the beautiful place itself but to visit the surroundings and enjoy some of the most beautiful romanian tradition and delicious food?

All of these are possible with TravelMaker Tour, one of the most appreciated traveling agencies in Romania for private groups and small shared groups. Proud of their country, they are eager to show its amazing treasures to you. Their only mission is to be the first choice of people visiting Romania by providing quality and friendly travel services.

If you would like to travel with a small group of people in Romania to visit the amazing Bran Castle and its surroundings, find out more about this trip on the agency’s website and book your tour right away.

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