QRzebra Re-Brands to QRTIGER

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Just when everyone thought that QR codes are now past, IT experts revolutionized them into an effective marketing strategy. QR codes were originally made to connect the online and offline world by transferring basic information about certain products and services – mostly retail.

Not long ago, QR code generators with logo gained the attention of business marketers. These codes were not only more appealing, rich in features, but also allowed marketers to keep track of the scanners. In this regard, QRzebra became a popular QR code generator with logo and re-brands to QRTIGER.

QRTiger: A Brief Overview

Those who aren’t aware, QRTiger is a high-grade QR code generator with an ability to customize QR codes, track user info, and keep track of user insights to create effective marketing campaigns. With QRTiger, one can customize a QR code in the following ways:

  • Change colors of the code
  • Customize the pattern of the QR code
  • Change eyes
  • Add a logo or picture in the code
  • Customize them per the brand theme
  • Ability to redirect users to different URLs using the same QR code
  • Keep track of user info including device type, date, time, location, and more

QRzebra was already dominating the market but you can’t expect enough in the ever-evolving IT market. This is why rebranding QRzebra to QRTIGER was a beneficial yet huge step.

QRzebra Re-Brands to QRTIGER

Why there was a need to merge with Tiger Data Tracker when QRzebra was already dominating the QR code market? Well, Tiger Data Tracker specialized in data tracking and integrates special algorithms and technology to gather user information that most tracking systems can’t.

Re-branding to QRTIGER will help QRzebra to get more data and analytics of whoever scans the QR code. Most QR code generators with logo provide the date, time, device type of the scanner. Let’s what else QRTIGER offers that would make it better than its competitors.

Why Choose QRTIGER?

With so many added features and high-grade data tracking, QR tiger QR code generator is foreseen to be the best  QR code tool for digital marketers. Guess what? Even the most advanced QR code technologies by QRTIGER would come at the same affordable price as that of QRzebra.

In simple words, QRTIGER would still offer the best visual QR code services with more advanced tracking features in the same pricing. Sounds fair enough?

Marketers are already excited to see what new features QRTIGER would add to this already-amazing QR code platform. Hope for the best. Feel free to contact us in case of any questions. QRTIGER is the best free QR code generator online that you can choose to manage your dynamic QR codes.

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