Why We Give Customers the Freedom of Choice

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Almost every sales pitch states that the customer is king. This means that the business should focus on meeting the needs of the customer at all times. Customers’ needs often change from time to time hence it is the responsibility of the business at hand to keep up with the changing trends in order to maintain their current loyal customers and attract new clientele to garner more sales.

Evolution of the shopping experience

Traditionally, the shoe shopping experience entailed walking into a shoe store, combing through the available options, choosing your preferred design, fitting the shoes and paying for your purchase. Shoe stores were faced with the task of keeping up with inventory to meet the number of customers walking in to fit shoes. Unfortunately, customers often faced disappointment when they lacked shoes in their preferred color or size.

Physical stores enhanced the shopping experience by extending working hours to the weekends and longer hours into the evening to allow people to shop at different times. This concept attracts people with 9-5 jobs who can walk into stores after work and buy their favorite items. However, physical stores still had the looming limiting factor of forcing an individual to walk into a store in order to get products. As such, you could only buy products from stores that are within your vicinity, which limits the type of products you can get.

E-commerce came in and revolutionized the shopping scene. Online shopping popped up all over the internet attracting customers by offering the convenience of shopping anywhere and at any time. E-commerce stores offer delivery services that bring products right to your doorstep, which enhances the comfort of the shopping experience.

As usual, human beings are insatiable and we always want more after getting what we initially desired. As such, customers still want an elevated shopping experience. Customers want further freedom in the type of products they buy by having the liberty to choose the designs and colors of their shoes.

GuidoMaggi shopping experience

GuidoMaggi has tapped into this growing need by allowing customers to customize their own elevator shoes. We have a myriad of designs for our height increasing shoes, which cover various categories including dress shoes, boots, sandals, and sporting shoes for both men and women. To enhance our customers’ shopping experience, we allow you to pick a design then customize it according to your preferred color and height boost.

We offer advice to our customers when it comes to buying elevator shoes by encouraging them to preferably start small if they are new in the shoe elevation trend. When you start with a small height elevation, it allows you to comfortably get used to walking around with a new height and to rid yourself of insecurities of other people noticing your new height difference. With time, you can buy more elevator shoes with higher elevation if you seek to increase your height considerably.

We give customers the freedom of choice in order to cater to the varying needs and preferences of different people. This enhances loyalty among our customers who know that we have their best interests at heart.

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