How to Tell the Difference Between Original Stylage Fillers and Counterfeit Ones

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Customers invest a lot of money in improving their appearance, and the main investment is the purchase of expensive fillers. However, according to cosmetologists, today there is an active trade in counterfeit products of almost all known preparations for contouring plasty and biorevitalization. Preparations that are often counterfeited include Stylage fillers (Laboratoires Vivacy) which are used in cosmetology to rejuvenate the skin. Let’s try to figure out how to distinguish an original Stylage preparation from a counterfeit one (as well as any other product) and not get caught on the tricks of fraudsters offering skillfully imitated copies of the popular filler.

What is the Main Hazard of Counterfeit Stylage? 

At best, fakes do not contain any dangerous substances and do not have an effect on the human body. But, unfortunately, there are often dangerous, life-threatening medications. Preservatives, silicone, all kinds of oils and other harmful ingredients contained in the formulation can provoke an unpredictable reaction of the body, namely:

  • allergic reactions;
  • bruises, swelling;
  • itching;
  • inflammation, up to tissue necrosis;
  • formation of unaesthetic scars. 

Consequences often last for quite a long time. Be extremely attentive to everything that gets injected into the body.

Stylage Fillers: How Not to Get Caught by Fake Injection

We can single out a few basic primary criteria by which it will be easier to determine the authenticity of the product being purchased.

Reliable Stores

The rule is – fillers, just like any other products for contouring plasty and other cosmetic procedures, should be purchased only in proven stores which operate in the market for a long time, have top websites, and can provide documents confirming the authenticity of goods. It is almost impossible to get into fake goods in such stores, as they can always provide certificates for products. You might have heard about Beauty Dermal.

Product Price

It would seem to be easy. See its price which cannot be lower than the average market price. Indeed, many stores offering original products sell at very attractive prices. But an attractive price does not mean that it is 15-20% lower than the average market price! Quality and original products do not cost so little. The suspiciously low price of the filler is a reason to think about and not to succumb to the instant temptation to buy it. When planning a purchase, you should first study the pricing policy for the products of the brand in order to get familiar with possible discounts and understand that you are looking at the original preparation, not a fake copy.

Product Design

Always pay attention to the design of the product – what the box should be, what the logo should look like (size, color, font) and its place on the package. Study thoroughly the product range of the filler brand and the kitting. The ideal option is to study the product in detail on the original manufacturer’s website and then make a thorough comparison of the goods you purchase with the original ones. 

Nowadays, unfortunately, they have learned to forge even holographic stickers, so it is up to a competent specialist to make a comparison. Ask the manager about the signs of product authenticity – in authorized stores you can find out the authenticity of the packaging.

Carefully read the text provided in the manual and on the packaging. The text should be well legible. Pay attention to spelling mistakes, there should be none.

A scanned manual is a sign of falsification.

The date of manufacture, expiration date and serial/ batch numbers should be the same on all elements of the packaging.

Purchase products only from certified official dealers or in proven, reliable stores!

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