How surviving a plane crash proved life-changing for Doctor Jarrett

Surviving a plane crash as a nine-year-old gave Jarrett Russell a new-found appreciation of life, and a fierce determination to protect and preserve its precious and fragile nature by becoming a doctor.

The date was December 20, the year was 1995, and the location was JFK Airport. What should have been the beginning of a happy holiday for young Jarrett and his family turned into an extremely close call as the plane there were on crashed at JFK airport in the middle of a snow blizzard.

There’s nothing like being stranded in the shadow of death to give a person a fresh perspective on the value of life. Jarrett was both profoundly grateful he survived and determined to help others recognize the fragility of time and live a long, healthy life.

From that day on Jarrett’s destiny was cast in stone. He would study and work towards the day when he could take the Hippocratic Oath and help his fellow men and women battle illness and prosper. It became his life’s calling.

Doctor Jarrett, as he is now known, has an impressive educational background. In 2008 he graduated Summa Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Science with Honors in Exercise Physiology from Rutgers University. He then went on to get a Masters of Science in Human Nutrition in 2009 from Columbia University. In 2013 he graduated as a Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) from the Rowan University School of Osteopathic Medicine. And after serving an Anesthesiology Residency in St Joseph’s Regional Medical Center, he graduated as an Attending Anesthesiologist in 2018.

The stats speak for themselves. Dr. Jarrett is a man who likes to keep himself busy. During his hectic study schedule, he also found time to volunteer in the hospital and as an EMT, tutor other premed students, publish research as a personal sports trainer/nutritionist, and even act as a tour guide for prospective students. And that’s before you mention the man in a sushi restaurant whose life Dr. Jarrett saved by performing CPR. Or the middle-aged man at a dinner party who would have choked to death if not for the quick-thinking doctor rushing to his aid and performing the Heimlich Maneuver.

It’s Doctor Jarrett’s commitment, drive, and desire to help others which saw him become one of Business Insider’s Top 100 most eligible singles of 2018. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that his third cousin is the actor Stephen Dorff, who Jarrett states, “he’s never met, but aspires to one day and maybe shoot an entertaining short skit.”


As a social media health influencer, who has something of a cult following on Instagram, Doctor Jarrett often says, “Give them your entire heart, but don’t forget to have some fun too.”

The native New Yorker has since left the Big Apple where has was born for the Sunshine State, which he is extremely fond of, to work as an attending Anesthesiologist where he specializes in peri-operative patient care and anesthetize patients daily for both basic and complex surgeries, as well as emergencies and traumas. In Miami, Doctor Jarrett also acts as a clinical professor/educator in the operating room to resident doctors, nurse anesthetists and health professions students.

The good doctor explained, “My goal is to continue practicing anesthesia but also integrate aesthetic medicine to help others look and feel younger through lifestyle changes, healthy diet, exercise, nutrition, and cosmetic procedures.”

Looking back on the plane crash that nearly claimed his life but ended up transforming it, Dr. Jarrett said that not a day goes by when he doesn’t feel blessed to be alive and helping other people live their own lives to the fullest.



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