Ways to Warm Up Your Bathroom for Winter

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Winter is coming, and we are all prepared. No more shivering in the cold or tip-toeing across the cold tiles of the bathroom. We have gathered all the ideas for you to prep up your bathroom for the chilly winter months.

Best Way to Heat a Bathroom

Well, there is no single best way to heat your bathroom. Here are some common ways to keep your bathroom warm this winter.

Warm Floor

Let’s start with the things you can do to keep your floor warm.

  • Radiant Floor Heating

Dread the feeling of stepping on cold tiles just to get to your towel? We feel you. Radiant floor heating is a luxury invented for people just like you.

This is particularly convenient if you’re considering remodeling or re-tiling your bathroom. The installation cost might be a little high, but it is useful in providing warmth without central heating.

Radiant flooring can be done in a variety of ways. Electric floor warming mats are the easiest to install. The bathroom tiles are laid over it, and voila, it’s done.

  • Rugs and Mats

Cold and slippery is not exactly the feel you want when you walk barefoot. You can always add a comfy rug to your bathroom floor. Rugs are also a more affordable alternative to heated flooring.

With plenty of options available, you can buy a bamboo rug, or go for an Oriental look, or anything else you want.

Thick, washable rugs will not only cozy you up, but also add to the look of the bathroom as well. A warm-colored rug will keep you snug as a bug.

  • Radiant Heaters

If heat to your feet is not enough, look into electric heaters. They are considered, by many, the best way to heat a bathroom.

Radiant heaters are amazing because they heat the bathroom surfaces, not the air. Warm surfaces mean a constantly warm bathroom.

If you’re afraid of accidentally leaving it on, buy a model that automatically shuts off. Opt for a smaller portable one, if the cost is your concern. Here are some best portable bathroom heaters for you.

  • Baseboard Heating

Baseboard heaters are an alternative method of heating a cold bathroom. However, they might be pricey to install. Baseboard heaters come in two types: convection and hydraulic. You can research on the two before choosing one according to your needs.

Warm Towels

You don’t want to use cold towel after a bath in winter, do you? Well, here are some great solutions.

  • Towel Warmer

What you need immediately after a winter shower is a warm, dry towel to keep you toasty. That’s right. We’re talking about towel warmers. Towel rods or racks do not take up much space. They also fit right in with the bathroom interior.

Towel warmers come in kinds that can be plugged in (freestanding) or hard-wired (wall-mounted). Besides, it can also do the job of a bathroom heater. Some heated towel racks can be connected to the hot water system. This way, they won’t use up additional electricity.

  • Towel Warming Hacks

If towel warmers are not an option, you can use other hacks. Hang your towel near the shower and let the steam warm it up. You can also put it on the heater while you shower.

Air Flow

Ahh, the challenging part – how to keep the air flow warm? Here are some quick tips.

  • Exhaust Fan

You might already have a heater in your bathroom, which, for some reason, doesn’t do the job right. Let us introduce you to the culprit responsible for this. The exhaust fan pulls all your warm air out and invites the chilly air in.

Of course, you need the exhaust to remove moisture to prevent mold and mildew. However, you can switch it on after you leave the bathroom. Cold, dry winter air will quickly absorb the moisture anyway.

  • Gaps in Windows

Just like the exhaust fan, gaps in windows will let warm air escape and let the cold in. Weatherizing is a great solution to this issue. Fit some weatherstrips to fill gaps around the window frames, and you’re good to go.

For weatherstrips, silicone caulk is more necessary for the outside. On the inside though, you can use more affordable acrylic caulk.

How to Stay Warm During Shower?

Here are some useful tips.

  • Showerhead

We’ve discussed how to warm up after a shower, but what about during? Most bathrooms use angled showerheads, which are not completely effective for winter. The size of your showerhead also matters. An oversized showerhead above you will encompass you in a feeling of warmth.

  • Steam Shower

Steam showers are one of the most relaxing things ever. However, they can cost quite a bit more than an average shower. If you can afford it, we say go for it.

  • Home Sauna

Home saunas are becoming increasingly common around the world. They fancy up your bathroom and are a great place to unwind after a long winter day.

  • Heat Lamps

Did you know that heat light bulbs are a thing? They provide light and heat all in one. Infrared technology in these lamps ensures fast heating. Heat light bulbs are splash proof but hire an electrician for installing them safely.

  • Indoor Plants

Plants are great for the environment, for us, and also for warming up a room.

Plants release moisture, which increases humidity, therefore making your bathroom feel warmer. Moreover, they are a great addition to the appearance of any place.

  • Warm Colors

Ever notice how bathrooms are almost always white, or sometimes blue? These colors give a cold feel to the room and anyone inside it. Turn the heat up in your bathroom with some warm tones.

You can not only color the walls a warmer hue, but you can also decorate it entirely using a warmer color palette.

Similarly, you can incorporate warm colors into your bathroom through lighting. Warm lighting gives the illusion of heat, particularly red or orange. Cozy textures and warmer color schemes will create a cozy and relaxing space for you.

  • Use Warm Materials

Warm materials will add warmth to your bathroom, along with elegance. Soapstone sinks, wood countertops, and limestone bathtubs will all add beauty as well as retain heat. Copper and brass are good heat retainers as well.

  • Let the Light in

Let some light into your bathroom. Warm sunshine will help raise the temperature of the bathroom. Thermal blinds are handy in preventing heat from escaping. You can use transoms, acid-etched glass, and clerestory windows for privacy concerns.


Amazed? Yes, there are plenty of ways to keep your bathroom warm. Try some and enjoy your showers, even in winter.

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