How to remove a tattoo

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Have you ever woken up after a long weekend and found a tattoo on your body? Something you instantly regret? It’s happened to many people. If you want to remove the tattoo you just got this weekend or even one which you’ve had for a long time, your best option is to consult a dermatologist or plastic surgeon. You can find the best tattoo removal parlors near Studio City, Sherman Oaks and Van Nuys.

Consult a doctor

1. Find the right dermatologist or plastic surgeon

Find a professional who specializes in tattoo removal. There are a number of dermatologists and plastic surgeons available who can remove that tattoo for you, but to find someone who has experience is really important. You should do some online research and find out which doctors in your area specialize in tattoo removal.

    1. You can ask the staff and doctor how many tattoo removals they have performed so far. Asking if they have their own laser machines can also be helpful, as offices that perform a large number of tattoo removals usually purchase a machine for themselves.
    2. Ask your friends and family for tattoo removal recommendations. Look for feedback from previous clients in online reviews.
    3. There are many tattoo parlors that offer laser tattoo removal services. However, the best decision would be to visit a licensed dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Only if you cannot find a medical professional should you opt for those tattoo removal parlors.

2. Make an appointment with the doctor

Make an appointment and show your doctor the tattoo you want to remove. They will take a look and decide on the best tattoo removal procedure. This assessment can only be made in person.

    1. Once you make an appointment, you’ll be able to figure out how many sessions it will take for the tattoo to be removed.
    2. Make a list of questions you want to ask the doctor. For example, you can ask to see before and after pictures of tattoo removals they have recently performed. This will give you an idea of how well the removal was done.

3. Removal methods

The effectiveness of any tattoo removal method depends upon the abilities of the professional and other factors like the size and color of your tattoo. After considering these factors, your medical consultant can navigate you toward the best method.

    1. Darker colors like black and blue are usually easier to remove, while lighter colors like pastel yellows or greens are the hardest.
    2. Smaller tattoos are easier to remove than larger tattoos. The bigger the tattoo, the longer the procedure will take.
    3. The effectiveness of tattoo removal also depends on the quality of the original tattoo work. If it was done by a less skilled artist, the ink may be unevenly applied or have caused scarring, which makes removal more difficult.

Be aware of the strengths and limitations of laser tattoo removal and search for a medical professional to perform the procedure. If all goes well, that unwanted tattoo will be gone in no time.

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