5 Interesting Facts on Joseph Mallord William Turner

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Born on April 23, 1775, in Maiden Lane, Covent Garden, London England, Joseph Mallord William Turner was known as an English Romantic painter and watercolourist. He was popularly known as J.M.W. Turner, the “Painter of Light.” After going through several methods, he finally created a signature that brought creativity and beauty to his work as a painter.

This signature depicted Mother Nature in a historical and broad light. He did well to create a piece of drama, power and beauty. There are a lot of things that people do not know about this incredible painter.

Before he took up the hobby, painting, Joseph Mallord did a lot of menial jobs that eventually led him to his life’s purpose!

If you love the Artworks by J.M.W, Turner, you should find out five fascinating facts about him.

His Father Was A Barber And Wig Maker

While Joseph Mallord was busy painting incredible pictures, his father was happy selling them to his customers who came barb in his shop. The first time Joseph sold his painting, Hale was only seventeen years old. During the last years of Joseph’s life, his father was living with him and helping him with cooking and gardening.

He Kicked Off His Career At the Royal Academy of Arts

Every painter has a history and a beginning point, and for Joseph Mallord, his career kicked off in the walls of an arts academy. While he was studying at this fantastic school, he was opportune to be an elected associate and the youngest at that. He spent most of his time giving lectures to younger students and even became a perspective professor. To thank him for all his services, the academy decided to host his first art exhibition, which was a huge success. From that moment till his death, the academy continued to show off every amazing piece of the painter.

He Mastered Unique Styles

The first time Joseph Mallord was known to the world, he was known for his use of traditional painting styles which he emulated from his predecessors. One time, he was given a task to replicate some sketches that were halfway completed by John Robert Cozens, and he did it correctly. This task was presented to Joseph because John had passed away without finishing his works.

He Painted A lot While Traveling

There are different ways that people get the inspiration to do the things that they love. For Joseph Mallord, he spent most of his time traveling, and some of his best pieces came from his time on the road. Joseph visited places like Italy, Germany, Denmark, Switzerland and France, creating amazing sketches on the go. His sketches from these travels amounted to over 19,000. Although he traveled a lot to different countries and cities, Joseph never lost his Cockney accent.

He Was Mostly Attracted To Widows

It is true that when it comes to women, people have their preferences, but what would you say if you knew that Joseph preferred to be involved with widows. He once had a 10-year affair with a widow, Sarah Danby and had two daughters together. However, there were reports which stated that his two daughters were from his lover’s niece and his housekeeper.

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