History & Evolution of Sports Broadcasting

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Usually, when you put on your television to catch some of your favorite sports. You may come across news outlets disclosing updates on what is going on in the sports world. These announcers give detailed information on the happenings in the sports world, and this is fun to watch. If you are considering working in the sports broadcasting sector, then it will be beneficial to watch these reporters as they convey their thoughts on what is happening in the sports world.

However, today, fewer channels are seen on television as they have taken advantage of the internet to share information with their audience easily. This is why several professionals are broadcasting on different sports. When you grasp how sports broadcasting began in the world, you will realize that a series of change has occurred over the years, and this will prepare you for what may come to be, in the future.

How Sports Broadcasting Began

In 1911, when sports broadcasting began in Lawrence Kansas, a group of 1000 people came together to watch a football game between Kansas and Missouri where it was airing live. The Western Union at that time wanted people to watch the game, so they decided to create a telegraph wire that ran from the actual location of the match to Kansas, where the people gathered to watch.

Whenever anything happened in the game, the information would be transported through the telegraph to Kansas for anyone interested. This would go on for a long time, till they reached the end of the game. At this time, whenever a live match was going on, people within that vicinity were the only ones who could watch the real thing. This was the first landmark in the world of sports broadcasting, and it lasted for a while.

In 1919, an experiment was carried out on telegraph broadcast in Dallas, Texas, but it did not capture the entire event. The experiment ended with a broadcaster in Dallas, sending information through the telegraph to make it look like he or she was present at the location of the event. Although this was the best form of broadcasting at the time, as time went on, new ways to broadcast sports messages began to show up, and thus a change began to occur.

The First Voice Broadcast

The first time a voice broadcast happened in the sports world, was in 1921, on April 11, in Westinghouse station KDKA in Pittsburgh. This live broadcast was done for a boxing match that was supposed to last for ten rounds. In August of the same year, another voice broadcast was stationed for a baseball game that took place between Pittsburgh Pirates and Philadelphia Phillies. This broadcast was done in Forbes Field and passed down to different parts of the country for interested viewers. 

Live Sports Broadcasts Now

It was until May 17, 1939, in the United States of America that live sports broadcast came to television screens, and this was suitable for viewers who did not have to leave their homes or gather at a point to watch the game. Since then, live sports broadcasting has evolved and gained more audience through the internet. 

Sports broadcasting companies like ESPN, Cinesport ( 해외스포츠중계 ), and so on are proof that live sports broadcasting has evolved over the years.

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