Streetwear Fashion is Growing

Over recent years the Streetwear fashion has become more and more popular!  Streetwear fashion first started in the late 1990s when Southern California surfers and stakers would wear street t-shirts with baggy oversized shirts and loose bottoms. Today’s streetwear is heavily influenced by many artists such as Kanye West, A$ap Rocky, Zayn Malik and many more.

Streetwear is a style that is popularized by Hip-hop skaters social media influencers and celebrities. Today Streetwear is often categorized as leisurewear. It’s very casual and comfy, also very appealing to youth pop culture. The vast growing up trend included band T-shirts and loose joggers and bright hoodies with various streetwear hoodies.

Streetwear History

The Streetwear phenomenon isn’t actually anything new it’s been around for nearly 40 years now. however over the past season, it has increasingly grown in popularity. Streetwear began in the late 90s. The music scene that hip-hop was building allowed to really resonate within different communities. Clothes like Harlem pants and white sneakers with a baggy white shirt was a go-to look.  When pop culture would mix any streetwear brand with celebrity faces, it would become an immediate success and essential to everyone. major streetwear brands would Often rely on famous celebrities to promote and influence brand.

Most popular streetwear brand consists of Nike, Adidas, and Supreme. These are some of the most worldwide known brands that produce high fashion streetwear clothing. Most streetwear brands make limited edition clothing that ranges from various price ranges. Later on, as the years go by most limited edition clothing items are highly desirable and worth more later on. Today streetwear is known as the new luxury wear because many famous brands are making limited edition pieces that cost a fortune. Not only do famous name brands produce luxury wear but also Louis Vuitton Prada and Fenty are making luxury/casual clothing as well. For example, Louis Vuitton just released a new limited-edition collaboration with supreme. This collaboration was worth millions.

Why streetwear is important

Streetwear is not only a fashion trend but it means much more to today’s youth. Today millennials use streetwear as an outlet of self-expression. Today’s youth can confidently say that streetwear gives them a sense of self-confidence and strength. Streetwear is tough, rugged and fierce. It’s definitely bold and eccentric not everyone is seen wearing streetwear clothing but when millennials are seen wearing the trend, it turns heads. Today streetwear is a worldwide trend that is recognized and accepted not only in the United States but also by Asian cultures as well. For example, in Beijing, China, they have their own luxury streetwear brands,Guochao Pinpai, Li Ningand Hi Panda are all mainstream luxury streetwear fashion. All inspired by The United States pop culture.

Today we can see what a great deal of influence the media and pop culture has on people today.


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