What is Puffing in Real Estate?

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Puffing means when a salesperson or agent exaggerates the quality or durability of an item so that potential buyers can be more interested in purchasing. When it comes to puffing, agents must only give their opinions and not force it on other people; else, it becomes illegal. Another definition of puffing means making excessively good statements about a product or item to increase buyers’ interests. Puffing can be a legitimate way of selling things to people as long as the statements made are not for fraudulent reasons or to take advantage of buyers. Puffing can also be regarded as a white lie to sell something odd.

Sometimes, you may need money so bad that you have to sell some of your things. Examples of people who go through this are sales agents for real estate. Many people are into the real estate business; as a result, it may be difficult to get buyers to come to you, even after you have done a lot of advertisements. You may have to consider the fact that people are not coming to you because you have not bolstered the quality of your products to make them interested. This does not mean that you should intentionally make a person believe something that is not true, but you can increase their interest in it.

To an extent, people believe that puffing is not a good way to sell products because many buyers are often disappointed with what they see at the end of the day. However, the fact that they were impressed enough to come and check your services out it means that you are doing the right thing. Sometimes, real estate agents want to sell old houses, and they try to inform buyers about the history and intensity of the home to make them intrigued. Indeed, anyone who is buying a house that has been used before will need to do some renovations. Some people are usually ticked off when they hear that the house is decades old. However, they can decide to check it if you tell them other things about the house. For example, if a famous musician or actress once lived in the house, which is enough to make any potential buyer interested, especially if they are huge fans.

When you puff as a real estate agent, you do not necessarily have to lie about the things that are not there in the first place. All you need to do to get the attention of customers is to look for something good about the house and beautify it in words.

Another way to puff without building your sales foundation on lies is to take better and beautiful pictures. If you have to hire a photographer to take breathtaking photos of the house you want to sell, that is fine. People are often moved by what they see, so if you make beautiful pictures of what you want to sell, they may want to come down to check it out.

Finally, real estate puffing is legal when you go through the right procedures and desist from deceiving your customers.

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