Kim Kardashian vs Beyoncé Knowles, Plastic Surgeon Cloning Or Coincidence?

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Reality star, mom of 4, and one of Forbes’ top 100 most influential people in the world, Kim Kardashian, is familiar with the spotlight and the criticism that comes with it. Also a style icon and famous for embracing her curves, Kim Kardashian has endured years of criticism and comments about her figure; with many critics accusing her of secretly undergoing plastic surgery. Her latest accusation: getting a nose job by one of the best plastic surgeon NYC and LA top lists’ of doctors can offer.  And all of this just to look more like R&B superstar and Queen of Pop culture, Beyoncé Knowles.  

Here’s what happened

In August of this year, Kim posted several photos ahead of her company, KKW Beauty’s, 90’s inspired makeup line launch. It was all business as usual until one image, posted on August 10th, sparked outrage. Why? Critics accused her of trying too hard to look like R&B superstar, Beyoncé Knowles. 

The news quickly spread across social media, with supporters and critics commenting on Kim’s appearance.

One Twitter user said, “Kim Kardashian wants to be Beyoncé so bad, like ms. thang, give it up; you lose, Beyoncé wins.”

Bringing husband and multi-grammy award winning rapper, Kanye West, into the conversation, another Twitter user said, “Kim tries to look like Beyoncé cuz Kanye LUVZ him some Beyoncé.”

“Kim Kardashian copies Beyoncé again. Look at these pictures.” – said another user. 

Past Accusations

This is not the first time Kim Kardashian has been accused of trying to emulate the Queen B. Back in 2017, Kim was criticized for looking strikingly similar to Beyoncé in a photoshoot she did with her daughter, North West, for Interview magazine. Even further back in 2015, Kim was accused of copying Beyoncé’s met gala look from 3 years prior. And to make matters worse, again in 2018, the reality star was blasted for stealing Beyoncé’s look at a Met Gala afterparty when she was seen wearing a Versace bondage-style corset that Beyoncé had worn in 2011.

This definitely did not go unnoticed, and back in 2018 a critic on Twitter said, “Kim Kardashian’s obsession with trying to look like Beyoncé is beyond weird at this point. Mental illness.”

Why would Kim K use a plastic surgeon of NYC and LA’s top list of doctors to look like Beyoncé?

Kim Kardashian is already a superstar with nearly 150 million Instagram followers, so why would she want to look like Beyoncé? Is it just a coincidence or is she purposefully becoming a clone? Some think that husband, Kanye West, could be behind the transformation. 

It is no secret that Kanye and Beyoncé’s husband, Jay Z, have had disagreements and a bit of beef over the years. Some argue that this would motivate Kanye to use Kim’s starpower as a way to become the ultimate power couple; surpassing Jay Z and Beyoncé.  It is impossible to know his motives for sure, however the rapper has been rumoured to now be Kim’s new manager and Kim has also reportedly been taking singing and vocal lessons. Could Kanye also want her to have the Beyoncé “look” as well? Given the context, it is easy to see why critics see this latest incident as Kim’s next step towards a total transformation. 

Maybe east coast paparazzi should hang outside the offices of Dr. Sachin Shridharani, a doctors listed as the  best plastic surgeons NYC can offer.   Everyone has homes in the big apple, so if this rumor is true, there is sure to be some ‘smoke signs’ at their front doors from time to time.   

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