Corporate with a Hint of Comedy: The Ross Pomerantz Story

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If you’re one of the millions of Americans who drudge into an office every day, gaze at a computer screen, and sit on phone calls for eight hours, there’s hope for you. And his name is Corporate Bro. Well, it’s his stage name anyway. Like so many caught in the corporate hamster wheel, navigating the corporate maze, Ross Pomerantz discovered a way to get out without getting out.

A natural born salesman, Pomerantz‘s skills are always on display at a tech company in Silicon Valley. Listening to his sales calls is like watching a conductor effortlessly direct his instruments in harmonic sound. It cascades from one melodic extreme to the next. The sales conductor: his technical prowess and silver tongue give a sense that his software is what makes life worth living. By the end of the performance the customer is left exhilarated and reaching into their company’s pockets for budget. Another day another dollar. But in sales, every performance is not always flawless.

Ross loves what he does and is very good at it. But it’s an emotional roller coaster of a career. Imagine cold-calling unsuspecting people all day long. He needed an escape, or at least an alter ego. So he became Corporate Bro. Ross began shooting comedic videos about his life in the office. He documents the funny and often ridiculous experiences of corporate life that happen every day in offices around the world. Little did he know, he would gain a massive following that found his tone refreshing, relatable and cathartic. It’s an honest take on modern corporate culture. No one is left unscathed.

But Ross says Corporate Bro was never planned. “I remember walking into the office one day and I had this moment where I thought ‘this place is ridiculous. Everyone here is such a corporate bro!’ That’s when I started making six-second videos on the now retired Vine platform. It was more of a personal outlet than a desire to be famous.”

Today Corporate Bro has garnered millions of views and nearly 100-thousand followers on Instagram. He continues to grow at a rapid pace. He performs standup and motivational speeches for companies around the country on top of the weekly videos. If you are stuck in the corporate jungle, or know someone who is, @corporate.bro is the Instagram account you need to follow today.

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