5 Must Try Exotic Restaurants in Hawaii

Ali Barbour's Cave Restaurant

Experiencing a new place is great, and one way we know to do this is by eating the local food. Those who are going to Hawaii are going to have to experience some of the local cuisine along with the exotic locations. The following are a few examples of Hawaii’s most unique and exotic restaurants.

1. The Rock

One of the most interesting and exotic restaurants in Hawaii is The Rock. It is an interesting restaurant that blends some of the most exotic seafood on the island with cooking styles from Italy.

The fusion works very well and is part of the reason many people visit the restaurant, but it is not the only reason. The other reason is that the restaurant sits in the middle of the water right off the beach of Michanvi Pingwe. There are only about 12 tables, and visitors can only get to the restaurant by boat, but it is a unique and exotic experience worth having.

2. La Tante DC 10

La Tante DC 10 is an interesting restaurant in Hawaii, and there is no way anyone could miss it if they are nearby. The restaurant has taken an old airplane cabin and turned it into an interesting and exotic experience.

There is a lot to love about this restaurant, especially for those looking for traditional food from Ghana though a lot of local ingredients are used to prepare some of the meals, like the tilapia sold in the restaurant. Visitors of the island who want to experience something they won’t be able to experience somewhere else should definitely give La Tante DC 10 a try.

3. Ali Barbour’s Cave Restaurant

Visitors looking to enjoy life and interesting eateries should really consider adding Ali Barbour’s Cave restaurant to their itinerary. This restaurant is not only centrally located near many good hawaii luxury vacation rentals, but it is also a very unique experience.

The restaurant is right inside a naturally-made coral cave. There are lights that allow visitors to take in the wonder and splendor of the cave, which is about 10 meters under ground. The menu is quite expansive, including vegetarian dishes as well as local seafood and European dishes.

4. Top of Waikiki

The Top of Waikiki restaurant is a spinning restaurant in Hawaii. You can find it on top of the WAikiki Business Plaza that is considered to be one of the hot spots for tourists. The restaurant gives each person an opportunity to see something amazing while eating since the restaurant does rotate a full 360 degrees every hour.

A lot of what you see is Waikiki, but you can also see Honolulu and other places full of life. The restaurant serves all sorts of dishes, so visitors will likely find what they want there. It should be pointed out that the the restaurant works with local growers to ensure ingredients are fresh and delicious.

5. Pagoda Floating Restaurant

The Pagoda Floating restaurant is another wonderful place to visit, and it is in the middle of Oahu. The restaurant sits in a pond where patrons get to see all sorts of sea life, like Koi or Ulua. The food in this restaurant borrows from Japan though there are a few dishes that are a little more experimental.

The prices for the food aren’t too bad, which is another highlight of the day. The experience is unique, and that is part of what makes this location so attractive to tourists. Keep in mind that the restaurant is close to shopping centers, so tourists can easily continue sight-seeing after.

Hopefully, one or a few of these restaurants interest you like they have us. Go ahead and look through their menu, which are available online so that you can see which one suits your needs and taste buds.


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