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Since it is becoming a popular platform among the streamers, twitch has seen a huge surge in the number of streamers lately and has grown into a big platform. So, to make sure you don’t get lost in the crowd, you’ll have to customize your channel and make it stand out form rest of the channels on this platform.

When it comes to the choices you have in customizing your twitch channel, animated overlays come put as one of the best options you can use to add a little bit of extra touch and make your channel look unique.

Let’s take a brief look on how these animated overlays can make a while lot of difference.

Adding The Animation To Stand Out

When customizing your twitch channel, keep in mind that there are millions of twitch streamers streaming regularly and competing for the eyeballs on the platform. With that much talent already competing against each other, you really have so much options to make your gameplay unique. But one thing that you can do is adding animation to your twitch overlay and making it unique and attractive for the new viewers.

Animated overlays give your viewers the impression that you’ve put a lot of time in customizing your channel’s theme.

Nail The Animation Game First

While animated overlays can help you attract more viewers and stand out among rest of the channels, you won’t be able to reap the benefits if you fail to add the animation correctly. First of all, you should select the right design for your overlay, and you can use your own and the viewer’s interests to design an overlay that really works.

After finalizing all the details and designing options, you can see different animated overlays on twitch channels and make your own overlay by following the same design.

Match The Details With Your Channel’s Theme

One of the biggest things that you’ll have to do if you want to be a prosperous streamer one day is building your own brand identity on the platform. While it is a difficult task, you can use tactics like customized audio, animations and your own animated twitch overlay to attract more viewers and make the regular one loyal to your brand.

Try and use the same color scheme, fonts and same info on the animated overlay as you use on your twitch channel. If you need help getting more viewers, consider using a bot for Twitch

Keep Everything Simple

While a blank overlay looks too boring, overcrowding the animated overlay can also make it overwhelming and confusing for the viewers. There is a fine line between being boring and overwhelming, and you should follow the “Keep It Simple” rule to design an overlay that is animated just enough to attract the viewers. And not confuse them.

Focus On The Main Content

Like every other design feature of your twitch channel, the animated twitch overlays should also be specifically designed to compliment the main focus of your streaming channel, “The Gameplay”. So, make sure the animated overlay is minimalistic is doesn’t cover up any important content.

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