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Dancesport Queen: The rise of Tonya Hoodyakova to celebrity status

The overnight success of Dancing with the Stars brought ballroom dancing into our living rooms. Ballroom dancing, once a dance form only followed by a select circle of performers, is now a broadcast sport loved and appreciated by the masses. With this newfound cult-following, the most successful of ballroom dancers have found celebrity status on and off the dance floor. At the young age of just 13, Tonya Hoodyakova is dazzling audiences and gaining fans worldwide.

Born in Moscow, Tonya began her career as a child model. She started dancing when she was just nine years old. Being the daughter of famous Russian producer Pavel Hoodyakov, it’s fair to say that she had talent flowing in her veins. Tonya is a US National Latin Champion. She has won most competitions she has participated in, including the US Open, California Open, and Palm Beach Classic. “Tonya has always been disciplined and passionate about her dance,” explains her father. “We knew from a very young age that she was naturally talented.”

After gaining a following through professional dance, Tonya has starred in music videos, movies, and commercials, including projects for the likes of Busta Rhymes and Timati. Tonya states, “I love performing. It’s where I truly feel at ease and most like myself.” Her favorite part of her job is reaching out and inspiring other kids. Tonya is a rising influencer for young audiences and one of the most followed kids in Russia with over 300K Instagram followers.

Although a disciplined and dedicated young lady, it doesn’t mean she doesn’t have a little fun on her social media. Tonya loves fashion, and frequently models clothes and accessories from high-end brands such as Chanel, Hermes, and Louis Vuitton. Her creative side landed this young fashionista the cover of Tatler, and she continues to inspire her followers to have fun with clothes. 

Tonya also loves to travel and frequently visits cities like Venice, New York, Miami, and Los Angeles. With her keen sense of fashion and globetrotting lifestyle, it’s no wonder Tonya is a captivating celebrity with fans all over the world. Whether it be impressing audiences on the dancefloor or gracing the cover of fashion magazines, Tonya Hoodyakova’s celebrity status is undoubtedly on the rise.