3 Minimalist Design Tips for Your Bathroom

Minimalism gives off that well-ordered, simple yet elegant vibe. With minimalism, the room is rid of unnecessary furniture and decorations.

Aside from the bedroom, the bathroom allows us to rest and relax from our hectic day. An hour or two soaking in the bathtub is a sure-fire way to wash those blues away. A minimalist design of the bathroom will surely aid any stressed individual to la-la land. So how do we achieve zen in the bathroom?

1.  Choose a monochromatic color theme.

Minimalism designs are usually defined by neutral and monochromatic color schemes. Gray, white, and black often top a minimalist’s color palette.

2.  Make full use of the space.

Another essential fixture in the bathroom is the cabinets or the storage. A cleverly placed and designed cabinet can make a huge difference in the space and aesthetic of the room.

3.  Pick sleek bathtubs.

Japanese soaking tubs and baths are the best when it comes to tubs and relaxation. Choose from the vast array of designs from neutral colors to the more intricately designed ones. But if you are going for zen and minimalism, a sleek white or black bathtub is definitely an excellent addition to your bathroom.


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