Recharge Athletics’ Dr. Ju Hearn warns of top 3 injury zones for players

It is in our very nature, to test our limits and then find ways to surpass them. When it comes to professional athletes and sports, things acquire a whole new level. Injuries are a commonplace for players. While the solution is to avoid them at all costs, Dr. Ju Hearn firmly believes that prevention is better than cure, especially when dealing with injuries. The first step is to identify the most recurrent injuries and then take preemptive measures.

Having faced multiple injuries during his time as an athlete, Dr. Julius Hearn is well versed with the consequences of sports-related injuries. The most common “injured areas for players can range from shoulder impingements and joint-related issues, to ankle sprains and “strained muscles”, as well as the lower back pain and knee pain”, which is most impacted during high-intensity activities. Dr. Hearn explained, “The knees, ligaments, meniscus, and hamstrings constitute the first region, while the shoulders and lower back are also vulnerable. There are a plethora of injuries that can occur in these “areas”, which is why players need to prepare accordingly so that they can perform at an optimal level.”

Dr. Hearn is a man of many talents. He is an athletic trainer, physical therapist, massage therapist, and nutritionist. He uses his skills and knowledge to help athletes train and prepare the right way. He uses his expertise even during the offseason so that his guidance enables them to function at their peak while competing. He leverages his extensive knowledge of both eastern and western medicine to help achieve the perfect balance, giving his clients the best of both worlds. Dr. Ju added, “My goal is to help each and every one of my athletes, to be able to play pain-free throughout the season. To help them achieve this, I focus on increasing flexibility, mobility and strength, which is one of the best ways to avoid injuries altogether.”

Dr. Hearn is a man who followed his passion. He delved into fitness, nutrition, and actively trained to help those around him. Through Recharge Athletics, Dr. Hearn has worked with numerous big names, including the NBA and FIBA. His unorthodox approach to training, preparation, and methodical regimes have made Recharge Athletics a trusted name in the realm of training, recovery and injury prevention.

While Dr. Hearn strives to educate his clients on how to raise the bar, he makes sure that they can play at their full potential. He is confident that Recharge Athletics will continue to grow, and is planning to diversify into more types of sports.


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