Invest in Yourself: Here are 4 Affordable Ways to Enhance Your Looks!

We all want to look good. Everyone desires to retain a youthful appearance.

Why? Because it boosts our self-esteem.

It lets us feel more confident in our bodies. And we feel more productive and sociable, pushing us forward in life.

But this leads us to a problem…

Where Do You Start?

There are many techniques and products that can lead you to the goal. So what do you choose?

Do you go for expensive facelifts? Or do you stick to a specific exercise routine that will “hopefully” keep you young?

Below, we’ll answer those questions. We’ll show you 4 affordable beauty tricks.

They’re all simple. Follow them, and enjoy!

#1 – Straighten Your Hair.

Keeping your hair straight is a matter of habit.

It’s a well-known fact that hair is a sign of youth. So you should strive to grow your to what fits you.

Also, straight and well-kept hair is a sin of hygiene. Looking clean is part of that too, where it contributes to an overall luxurious aura.

The focus here is on minimizing any “disheveled” looks. That is, avoid looking like someone who just woke up!

Another Point: Color.

We recommend color consistency.

Dying your hair multiple colors isn’t a sign of youth. Because you’ll end up with a horrible mismatching look!

Instead, dye your hair for an intense color. We recommend trying something extreme, like dark black.

It’s a color that matches well with all clothing attires. And it covers up developing white hairs!

#2 – Contact Lens.

Contact lens aren’t just a medical item. They’re also a cosmetic, and they’re used quite often as beauty enhancers!

Why? It’s because contact lens enlarge the pupils, thus giving the wearer a “cuter look”!

What About Price?

No worries. Since you’re not buying medical items, you’re not paying much to get what you need.

You can buy cheap colored contacts for $10!

And if you’re wondering, they’re safe for the eye. Their materials aren’t irritants, and the contacts will last long!

Matching With Hair.

This is a vital sub-point.

You can’t install contacts if the color is a strong contrast to your hair. That is, if you have black hair, avoid light-colored contacts.

Also, your hair and eye color should be close. That’ll give you a convincing look that’s easy to impress!

You won’t look fake. Nor will you look like someone who’s enhancing their beauty with excess artificiality!

Color Blacklist.

Avoid “rainbow colors” (except green/blue).

Why? Because vibrant colors are fake. And you need are colors that mimic the human pupil as much as possible!

#3 – Mascara.

One of the secrets to looking young is “refocusing” your viewers’ attention.

You want them to fixate on the mascara in your eyelashes. And this’ll make for more intense conversations and body language!

Also, it gives you a beautiful look. Mascara provides an elegant “finishing frame” to complement your contacts!

#4 – Coconut Oil.

Coconut oil is a natural remedy that’s used in diets, and for cosmetic reasons!

It’s a common ingredient in creams that are designed to pull the skin. In fact, this is your number one remedy for wrinkles!

And you need to conquer wrinkles. After all, why bother with the previous options when your face is exhausted?

But How Do I Apply It?

Custom remedies exist everywhere. You can find hundreds of recipes with a simple search.

However, what we’d like to emphasize is the scent. After all, the creams’ smell will stick to you for a while.

So we recommend adding ingredients that make the cream smell better. That way, you’ll have a face that’s young and healthy!


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