You’re Probably Brushing Your Teeth Wrong: Dental Tips for Better Oral Health

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Closeup on young woman brushing teeth

Do you know the best ways to take care of your teeth and gums? If you’re like most people, you probably brush your teeth once a day and floss… well, never. Sometimes you get motivated and improve your routine for a short time, but it’s hard to make it stick.

The good news is that you can do better. It just takes small changes to turn a C- dental health routine into an A+.

Here are the tips you need for better oral health.

Know How to Build Healthy Habits

This may seem out of place but trust us. Knowing the best way to build healthy habits can transform your life – not just your oral health, but every part of your life experience.

Humans developed over time to avoid change because change was usually dangerous. Fatally dangerous, in fact, especially when it came to new areas with new predators. Instead, we focused on staying in groups and staying in predictable environments.

Why does that matter now? Because any time you try to make a big change, your brain signals danger and resists with all it’s worth. No wonder you can’t makeover your life.

You can get around the alarm, however. You just have to make very small changes. When you stack these together over time, you end up with significant shifts without ever triggering the alarm.

So start with flossing one tooth. It sounds silly, but as you add on, you’ll be much more successful than if you started out with “floss every day”!

Brush Gently

Many people think that the harder they scrub their teeth the cleaner they get. It’s not true, and you could be doing damage to your tooth enamel, as one cosmetic dentist warns.

Instead, move the toothbrush in gentle circular motions to remove plaque. Be sure to get all of your teeth, including the ones in the very back. If you miss teeth, plaque can build up and cause gum disease and cavities.

Brush Your Tongue

If you’re like most people, it never occurs to you that plaque can build up on your tongue. It can! That build-up can cause bad breath and other oral health issues.

Make sure you’re on top of your oral health by brushing your tongue just as clean as your pearly whites!

Be Sure to Brush at Night

Do you go to bed without brushing your teeth? Unfortunately, that means all the plaque and germs that accumulated during the day are growing and building in your mouth overnight.

As these things sit on your teeth, they damage them, which can cause cavities. You can also have problems with your gums and bad breath. Don’t go to bed without brushing – your mouth will thank you!

Maintain Regular Dental Visits

Do you see the dentist at least twice a year? If not, you’re not alone, but it makes a huge difference in your oral health. Don’t hesitate to see a dentist like Dr. Mark Rhody Dentistry just because you’re nervous. Dental care today is more comfortable than ever.

Most routine dental care doesn’t hurt at all, and if you do need bigger procedures there are options to keep the pain at a minimum. You can trust your dentist to provide you with high-quality care as gently as possible.

Are you taking care of your dental health? If not, you can start today by visiting, who are committed to providing excellent dental care in a comfortable and relaxed setting that’s unlike any ordinary dental clinic in Brampton. Simply take one of these tips and turn it into one ridiculously small step. Build up from there, and you’ll be amazed how easy it is to develop healthy habits.

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