Online Dating Tips: Here’s How to Take Your Date Offline (in 4 Steps)

A few decades ago, people dated offline.

They found matches through recommendations, blind dating, and offline meet-ups.

But today, the situation is a different. You can now land a date from the comfort of home!

You’ve got endless resource to find a match. You can check local dating sites, doublelist personals, forums, etc.


While you can easily find a match online – meeting up offline is a struggle.

After all, the standards are higher. People now want the perfect date, and they won’t settle for averages.

But no worries. Today, we’ll give you a few tips on how to take a date offline.

Follow them, watch your online dating get easier!

#1 – Search Locally.

Keep it local.

Don’t look for prospects that are hours away from you. After all, your chances of meeting up in real life are slim.

Remember, those individuals have lives too. They have jobs, responsibilities, and families!

So what are the odds of taking those prospects offline? The chance is low, and even if you do – it’ll take months.

Search Within Distance.

We’re not saying you should keep it at a neighborhood level. But at the very least, keep your searches on a district level.

Look within 30 miles of your home. This should be sufficient to find someone close!

And if you need help, search for personals ads near you. Or, you can always look at a live map that shows prospect locations!

#2 – Present Yourself Right.

When it comes to online dating, first impressions matter.

If you don’t catch an eye on glance, then your chances of a response are low.

So keep your profile neat. Post an attractive picture that gets prospects interested. And if you can, perfect your bio.

General Tips.

First, try not to look too professional. After all, you’re looking for a date, and not a new job.

Use high quality photos, and right a good bio. Write it in a way that raises curiosity and gets you messages.

And don’t forget – be honest. Don’t present a fake persona just to land an offline date.

Write what your real interests are, and discuss your lifestyle. That way, you’re more likely to get attention!

#3 – Learn to Converse.

One of the pros of online dating is the “room to think.”

You can take a while to measure your responses. You can think about how you’ll guide a conversation for the best!

Use that to your advantage, and don’t blurt out impulsive responses!

General Tips.

People like talking about themselves. So give your date the chance to do just that.

Ask your date intuitive questions. Respond with appropriate and timely compliments on interesting facts they give you.

And of course, don’t forget to share your interests. But talk about yourself in a way that matches what your prospect likes!

#4 – Time the Offline Pitch.

Assuming all goes well, you need to time when to take your date offline.

You want to do that as soon as you get comfortable with each another. And that’ll usually be in a week of good conversations.

What About Waiting a Little More?

That’s not recommended.

Online conversations can get boring. And if you don’t take an interested date offline quick, then expect them to consider other options.

To keep your interactions interesting, a live meet-up is necessary!

Plus, it’s a chance to expand the activities you do together – especially if both of you want a quick hookup.

Whether it be shared interests, a movie, or an occasional walk, you’ll have more to fixate on than a dating inbox!


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