Tabletop Games Every Family Should Try

Tabletop games are almost a definite for everyone. Moreover, unlike other games board games can be played over and over again. Each time you get a new card or a number or turn of dice, so every time you have something new to look forward to. This is why; one cannot get bored while playing a board game, even if it is necessarily a repetition.

Board games is almost a one size fits all sizing. They are increasingly interesting for everyone; be that children, adults, friends or  family. There are a few tabletop games for small and large groups, which helps people to make their leisure time more fun and entertaining. Some of the most sought after tabletop games are as follows:

1) Ticket To Ride:

Almost every person of every age love this game. Players need to construct train routes and earn points based on the destinations chosen and the length of the routes. Throughout, you have to wisely opt for your routes as on the cards, and try to block others. More than luck, you’ll need your brain processing cleverly. The game requires 2 to 5 players.

2) Boggle:

A word game is a must in a family’s board games’ list. This not only helps us to put on our thinking caps but also entertains us. With a bunch of people working to make a new word and all the hollering and noisy praises, this game is a must when a group of relatives visits your house on any occasion. It is a 2-9 player’s game.

3) Settlers of Catan:

Now this game is a popular favorite of many people. If a person rolls a dice and the number of count ends on your cities or settlements, you’ll get rewarded. Then, using those resources you’ll have to further expand your ownerships. It’s a very interesting game and is a must in all family gatherings. The game requires 3-4 players at the most.

4) Carcassonne:

It is a game built on the perfect balance of luck and intelligence. You’ll be given the land where you have to arrange different cities, roads, schools, villages, etc. based solely on your understanding. Along with that, you need to place miniature people very thoughtfully, so that they succeed and earn you points. This requires more than 2 and less than 5 players.

5) Pandemic Or Forbidden Island:

This is one of the games where players aren’t working to win over another, rather trying to defeat the game itself. Here, an epidemic has spread in the town, and you along with your team will solve the equation together to find a cure for the same. Also, a treasure is hidden in the island and each and every player toils to get that. It’s a very light-minded game and requires around 2-4 players.

6) Sequence:

This game is basically a blend of card and board game but can be by all means included in the list. All huge family gatherings remain incomplete without a round or two of Sequence. The Sequence is mainly on the list, for it is also a quick and dynamic game. It is played in groups of twos and threes. It requires around 3-12 players.


Despite thousands of board games, there are only a handful of them that deserve a special mention. There are many other board games, like Blokus, Chutes and Ladders, Spot it, Suspend, etc. If you love board games do not only stick to these. These games are mainly won through smart ideas and worth strategies, more than luck. This is the reason why everyone is always encouraged to spend their time playing a tabletop game.


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