Lars Dybkjær’s trip to Switzerland

Lars Dybkjær is one of the best explorers in the world. If you want to create a resume and need some reference, his portfolio would be enough. Although his one is based more on traveling, you would not be disappointed. From his personal experiences, he provides a lot of suggestions to others. You should also take advice from him to grow interested in traveling. Because you will need recreation every once in a while. Daily life will not give any inspiration to work for you and your family. A lot of people do work to earn money even when there is no proper recreation in life. They do not have a chance to earn money just to lead a decent life. You can plan out some trips to get some recreations in life.

After reading this article, your interest in traveling will grow. We will bring Lars Dybkjær’s experience of traveling one of the most beautiful countries of Switzerland. Once you learn the most beautiful places like Jungfrau, Chillon Castle, Pilatus, Rhine Falls the interest in traveling will increase a lot. When you will learn about the places we just mentioned, the first interest of traveling will be surely for Switzerland.

Visiting one of the most beautiful Alps of Jungfrau

When you will visit Jungfrau, you will know it is one of the main summits of the Bernese Alps. You can also enjoy the beautiful sight of the northern canton of Bern as well as the southern canton of Valais, and also Interlaken and Fiesch. The visuals of snow and mountains will encourage you to live here permanently. A lot of people in this world are familiar with the wallpapers. When you will go to the room of a traveler like Lars, a poster of Jungfrau will be common.

Besides the scenarios, Lars Dybkjær also experienced a ride on Jungfrau railway. You can even arrange a hiking trip over the east wall of the mountains. Lars did notice some professional skiers enjoying their sport there. Only that location alone can encourage a lot of travelers to visit Switzerland.

Experiencing the trip to the Chillon Castle

Chillon Castle is situated in an island on the eastern end of the Lake Geneva which is at the south of Veytaux in Vaud. You will need to travel through Monteux and Villeneuve. You will also get the visuals of the Alpine valley of the Rhône. All those things combined Chillon Castle is one of the most visited places in Switzerland and even in Europe.

Viewing from the north, you will see the Dents du Midi in the background. All the visuals of the castle from every single side amazed Lars a lot. You can be impressed with every bit of characteristics of the castle. Lars visited the courtyard and the grand hall. There is even a crypt in the castle which blew Lars’s mind during the tour. Talking about the castle, Lars impression was priceless. He said, “You can never be disappointed with a trip to the Chillon Castle.

Visiting the mountain of Pilatus

To many travelers, Switzerland is known as a land of mountains. When you will visit Pilatus, it would be clear to you. There are a lot of peaks and lakes to admire at that location. Lars experienced the beauty of the Lake Lucerne, the Cog Wheel railways. Both the top and bottom stations were visited by Lars Dybkjær. His hotel was beside the top station. So, he admired almost every beauty of the mountain. But Lars still pities for not experiencing the winter season at the mountain.

Getting out of the mountains to the waterfall

Besides the most beautiful side of the mountains in Switzerland, Lars Dybkjær also experienced the famous waterfall of Rheinfall. It shows the best vision when it is the month of April. You can get on a tourist boat and get a very intensive experience from a close-up. Lars wen to the Wörth Castle and also to the Observation deck on the Zürich side. You can touch the water with your bare hand there. Lars Dybkjær mentioned a lot of time admiring the beauty of nature from the photos. Once he got there, his eyes could not believe how beautiful the world is.


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