Yes, You Will Need a Magento Developer!

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Ecommerce platforms remove a lot of the hassle that comes with building your own website from scratch. This allows startups to prosper and establish themselves in competitive markets.

Upon growth of your business, you should consider hiring a new developer to enhance your experience with a platform. If you’re using Magento, you’ll probably find the need to hire comes sooner, rather than later—it’s a famously thorny platform, and working without a professional can cause real damage to your store. Often, business owners will find themselves playing the Magento maintenance role, affecting the amount of time they can invest in their product or service itself, further stunting growth.  

Magento is maintenance heavy, there’s no denying it. This isn’t a bad thing: Magento is complex because it’s powerful, but that complexity isn’t always easy to handle. Its vast range of features, open source customization and scalability are just a few of the positives that differentiate it from other platforms. If you’re using Magento, your potential is huge and hiring a Magento developer will help you take advantage of its benefits. Let’s explore why this is the case!  

Customization Capacity 

Website customization is important, because it helps you stand out from your competitors and gives you the opportunity to become the next big thing. This opportunity should help you realize that hiring from a Magento development company is necessary. Let’s go over a few of the ways effective customization will give you the edge. 

1. Speed 

Loading time is the difference between losing or converting a lead and the difference is all of three seconds! Google’s data shows that 53% of users will abandon a site that hasn’t loaded within that time frame, and almost nobody is left after 7 seconds. If you’re site is taking longer than three seconds to load, then you should either hire a developer to optimize your site or shut up shop. 

2. Scalability 

If you envision your online business becoming more successful, your website should be ready to accept larger amounts of traffic without hindering user experience. You don’t need to be large from the outset, but you need to be able to enlarge easily should the need arise. 

3. Originality 

Unlike other platforms where creating a speedy and functional site comes at the expense of implementing a common theme, Magento allows website architecture to meet business requirements, satisfy customer pathways and meet your desired aesthetic. 

4. Functionality 

Functionality is a mixture of everything above. Upon creating a site that satisfies your basic needs, ask yourself: how you can make it better? 

Magento is Elaborate 

Within the flexibility of Magento, your site is likely to become more and more elaborate. We’re talking 8 million lines of code here! As with any large development projects, a fair chunk of time is going to be spent trying to understand how to do the job efficiently. If you’re looking for speed, outsourcing companies that provide developer packages can be the catalyst for your business. Such packages are a cost-effective way to hire more talent, rather than hiring individually. 

Of course, depending on how complex or simple you’d like your website to be will influence how much time a developer will take to build your site. For less complex sites, this gives the developer more time to build better functionality and UX. The best developers can make beneficial changes without harming user experience in the process.  

Planning Ahead 

Effective Magento maintenance requires constant upkeep. This should immediately influence what you’re looking for in a developer. You should decide early on whether you need a developer to increase functionality up to a certain point, or are you looking for someone to maintain your website on a long-term basis. 

Freelancers are usually hired short-term. Their hourly rates tend to be fairly high, and you’re hiring them to do one specific job. If hired for long periods, they usually become too expensive to keep on. If hiring a freelancer, you need to make sure you’ve organized someone to take care of maintenance after they’re gone. Furthermore, you should make sure that any large changes a freelancer has made is clearly documented so the next developer can interpret things quickly. 

Hiring from a reputable development company tends to have less issues. When hiring from those companies who have trained Magento developers you’ll acquire specialty expertise and consistent working hours. If you’re looking for a long-term working relationship, these companies usually offer different hiring plans; longer subscriptions being more affordable in the long run. Pairing a long-term subscription with a dedicated developer package will be the most cost effective option for large projects requiring constant maintenance. 

Project Size 

Hiring from web development companies that offer services for small–enterprise level partnerships is a great idea, as they boast the competence to work with and adapt to any client requirement. 

If you’re only a small–medium sized business, it’s worthwhile considering choosing an outsourcing company that is comfortable working with larger businesses. Upon initial project completion, you don’t have to worry about creating new relationships development-wise. 

Magento is slow and heavy, yet powerful and flexible. For maintenance especially, it’s recommended you hire Magento development services for efficient upkeep. Once maintenance is stabilized, a business can experience the advantages that Magento’s flexibility provides, resulting in the best user experience amongst your competitors. 

Although Magento programmers can be rare, there are companies that do offer services. To find experienced Magento developers, you should be willing to hire offshore. Offshore development companies offer specialty talent and are often more affordable. CodeClouds gives business owners the best of both worlds! The global development company has offices in USA, India and New Zealand, offering specialty expertise for Magento design and development. They also place an emphasis on cost efficiency with three different dedicated developer packages. However, they can be selective when choosing which enquiry they’d like to work with, preferring those who are confident in their project and are looking for long-term working relationships. Developing custom Magento websites is lengthy by default—if you were looking for short-term, you’re setting yourself up for trouble later.

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