Snow Blower Tips That Make Snow Removal Quick & Easy

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If you live in an area where you are getting more than a foot of snow that you didn’t have a chance to prepare for, the biggest worry is how to move it so your driveway and walkways are safe. While you can choose to manually shovel the snow, sometimes this can be a daunting task, and it can take a drastic toll on your health, especially in the cold weather. Therefore, using a snow blower is a better option. In this guide, we’re going to help you by offering some tips that make snow removal quicker and easier by using a snow blower and also help you to find a snow blower online.

Try Single Stage Blowers

If you want the most out of a snow blower, simply use a gas-powered alternative in order to achieve the best snow removal. There are several types of cordless snow blowers in the market, and you can follow at to get more information. One key thing to mention though, since these snow blowers use an auger that can actually touch the ground, you shouldn’t use the snow blower on gravel surfaces of any type, as it will fling rocks with high speed along with the snow and that can be dangerous.

Never Wait for the Snow to Stop

If you’re expecting a huge amount of snowfall, you’ll have better luck removing the snow more than once, just as you would if you were shoveling it by hand. It will also help to eliminate the high snow banks that you might end up getting too high if you wait until the snow stops falling to use your snow blower.

Throw Less to Throw Farther

When you’re using a snow blower, you shouldn’t have to work more than you have to. This just creates more wear and tear for the snow blower itself. In order to make your snow blow as far as it can, run the blower on high with a slower ground speed so you’re not chomping down on large amounts of snow at a time. Also, you can choose to bite less snow, and even use the chute at the top to its highest adjustment setting so you’re blowing snow into the wind if it’s windy to carry the snow further.

Be Careful of Debris

Many things like newspapers, and even rocks or other objects can be covered in snow really quick. To get the most out of your snow blower, keep an eye out for these items, as they’ll hit your snow blower hard, jam it up, and can cause you to have numerous problems and even break your snow blower. If you end up sucking an object and it gets down, never use your hands to remove the paper. Turn your engine off and use an object or a pair of long-handled pliers or channel locks in order to remove the stuck item.


If you follow some of the tips in this guide (there are plenty more out there, and the more you get used to using a snow blower, the more you will learn), you can get the maximum usage out of your snow blower with less work. One of the key things to note is that safety is the number one priority. Never stick your hand in any component of a snow blower in order to fix it.

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