How to Improve Metabolism

Chemical reactions taking place in your body comprise of metabolism, which is critical to the functioning of the body and keeping you alive. Metabolism definition is the amount of calories your body is able to burn (West, 2019). High rates of metabolism ensures the burning of more calories, easy control of weight and feeling better. This article identifies why bad metabolism is harmful, health risks associated with bad metabolism and metabolism booster ways such as eating enough proteins, taking right carbohydrates, training properly, and using weed. 

Why is bad metabolism harmful?

Regardless of your body size, you are likely to have a rapid or slow metabolism or an average one. According to Harvard University (2019), genes determine the type of metabolism one will have. In addition, metabolism slows as one advances in age and a slow or bad metabolism is harmful since it burns less calories and leads to more fat stores in the body. Some people with fast metabolism can eat too much but not gain extra weight. On the other hand, people with slow metabolism have challenges losing weight by only cutting food intake. 

Health risks associated with bad metabolism

There are health risks associated with bad metabolism Tina Donvito explains 9 medical causes of sluggish metabolism including high levels of cortisol and insulin, defective thyroid, low levels of estrogen and testosterone, age, low muscle tissue to fat, some medication, and insufficient calorie intake (Donvito, 2019). In addition, an association of weight gain and metabolism of microorganisms has resulted in the proposal of probiotics in reducing weight (National Public Radio, 2013). 

What can be done to improve metabolism?

According to health experts, it is possible to increase your slow metabolism. In fact, a small change to your health lifestyles will help burn more calories (Harvard University, 2019). This article reminds of the importance of eating enough proteins and that you do not forget about choosing the right types of carbohydrates. In addition, having proper physical training and using weed will help you deal with a sluggish or bad metabolism.

Eat enough protein

While eating other foods can increase total metabolic rate, proteins result in the highest increase in thermic effect of food (TEF) compared to fats and carbohydrates (West, 2019). TEF results from the extra amount of calories needed by your body to digest, absorb, and assimilate nutrients. Eating proteins makes you feel more satisfied because metabolism in proteins is slower thus preventing you from overfeeding. Protein consumption also prevents muscle loss and excessive metabolism of proteins associated with dieting. 

Do not forget about the right carbohydrates

It is advisable not to cut down on carbohydrate intake so much as your metabolism might think that time is lean to stop burning fat for energy conservation. This means that you need to know the right carbohydrates and eat enough to match with your resting or basal metabolic rate (, 2017). This is one of the harsh realities of dieting. 

Train properly

Doing a high-intensity physical exercise involving quick but intense activity bursts helps in burning more fats through boosting your rate of metabolism. This particular training produces better results than other training exercises (West, 2019). In general, you need to mix up the routine of training and add a few high-intensity exercises to boost your metabolism and burn more fats. Lifting weights also builds and retains your muscles and pumps up your metabolism. 

Use cannabis

While weed smokers consume more calories per pay than non-smokers do, the extra calories rarely turn into fats. Scientific research has revealed interesting facts about weed, belly fat, and metabolism. Studies show that weed users have low levels of sugars in blood, less belly fat, low risks of type 2 diabetes, and low bad cholesterol levels (, n.d). Due to low sugar levels in blood, metabolism of food will be hiked among smokers since they will feel hungrier than nonsmokers will. Today, marijuana is available in many mail order weed shops around the world.


Metabolism refers to a process by which your body burns calories and uses the energy to carry out important biological processes. While your genes regulate how fast or slow your metabolism rate is, there are health risks associated with slow or bad metabolism. This article has identified important measures you can take to increase the rate of your metabolism and live a healthy life. 


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