How To Choose The Best Toy For Kids?

Shall you buy kids toy subscription box? What about a onesie? Hooded beach towel, socks, an artwork holder and there of other options available to you. Knowing the age of the child is not enough for buying the best gift. Every kid is unique. One kid might love having kids toy subscription box. Other might immediately reject it.

Some people prefer buying gifts that can nurture language, physical, thinking, social and emotional skills. Kids learn by exploring and doing things. So, you should choose toys that encourage them to practice and develop new skills according to the unique pace of the child. The unique interests and pace of learning sometimes make it a little difficult to choose the right gift. You will also have to consider the quality and for how long the gift will last. You don’t want to buy a kids toy subscription box or any other toy engaging the child only for a couple of weeks. In order to help you in making the right choice, we bring you the following guidelines:

Pick something that can be used in several ways

Kids love to put in, pull out, break and build up. It is good to have a toy allowing the child to play in different ways. You can buy plastic interlocking blocks your child can use to build roads, bridges and a lot more. These toys can improve imagination, logical thinking skills and problem solving skills of your child. Here are some examples for you:

  • Sand & Water Play Set         
  • Nesting Blocks or Cups
  • Interlocking Builders Blocks Play Set

Pick a toy that grows with your kid

Your child played with a toy for a couple of months and now don’t even want to see it. You can buy a toy that keeps the child engaged during different developmental stages. For example, you can buy plastic toy action figures and toy animals. Your young toddler can make a shoebox house for toys. Your older toddler can act out some story using these toys.     

Pick a toy that encourages your child to explore

Choose a toy that helps in developing logical skills. If you need to provide some coaching, provide it. The toy should encourage your child to figure something out for improving logical thinking and problem-solving skills. Let your kid learn how different shapes fit together. Some toys can improve fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. You can buy toys like nesting blocks or cups or shape-sorter.

Pick a toy that sparks imagination

A three years old child is creative enough for role play. Buy a gift encouraging your child to act out a story. You can buy stuffed animals and dolls, toy food and plastic plates, toddler-friendly dollhouses, dress-up clothing or trains and trucks.

Getting ready to read

Art supplies like fingerpaints, markers and crayons can help in developing early reading and writing skills. Magnetic alphabet letters are best for making your child familiar with letters and text. 

Pick something that encourages your child to be active

Appreciate when your child does something to look stronger. Let her show confident in her body. Balls of different sizes and shapes, plastic bowling set, tricycle, pull toys and child-size basketball hoop are some of the toys you can buy. You can also make a tunnel and encourage her to crawl through.


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