How to Write a Professional Business Letter

Writing a letter to a business partner or to a vendor or a client has its own style rather than a common letter. A business letter should be very clear about the agenda for which it is meant for. Another important thing is to keep letters as short as possible without compromising the required points of agenda. In case of long letter, it should be maintained in small paragraphs or in a point-wise manner.

Here, we are presenting to you one sample of writing a business letter that you can utilize to present your agenda and make your task easy.

Letter Format:

Below are the points can be used while writing a professional business letter:

  • A business letter can be an impression for very important relationship between business partners, vendors or client so it should be genuine as well as encouraging.
  • Letter should be purely up-to the decided or noted agenda rather adding unnecessary information or data.
  • In case of some contract or procedure sharing, a letter can be formalised in points form to clarify the subject in a better way.
  • Maintain the positivity in letter.
  • Maintaining a gentle gesture through out the letter may help you to fulfil your agenda behind writing letter. 
  • You can add an appreciation for your client company for its growth and new achievements  when you are writing as a vendor side company.

Sample: Business Letter by a vendor(ABC) to a client company (XYZ)


Chris Hope


Newyork, USA

Date : DD/MM/YYYY Format.

Subject- Signing of new contract between ABC and XYZ for provisioning of the IT service solutions.

Dear Sir,

We are very glad to hear that your company has recently touched new milestones in the field of providing customer care services under various business processes. Last week, we have heard from you that your company is in urgent need of an IT services solutions providing vendor which would include services related to data networking, security, voice etc and it’s been a great pleasure that you have shown your interest to sign a contract, regarding the same, with us.

Here, we are happy to mention that we are well able to provide various service solutions in IT services like data networking, Hardware system management, troubleshooting of issues related to internetworking, security, cloud computing, Voice services etc. Besides this, we are also able to provide 24×7 on-site service facility through our personnel. So we are ready to sign a vendorship contract with you as per your requirement.

To sign the contract, we want to have a brief meeting with you so that various important points can be discussed together like the model of business contract, types of services etc. so that we can make arrangements accordingly.

It will be really pleasant for us to work with your company and we hope that we will positively fulfill your expectations in every field you desire from us.

Kindly revert and give us an opportunity for a brief meeting out of your valuable time. We are really grateful for understanding and your considerations.

Thanking you,

Yours Sincerely,

James Mathew


Chicago USA 


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