Hans Molenkamp: Surfer in the sea, photographer on the shore

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Life is rather short to live too safely. There should always be a hint of thrill and an unending zeal to learn something new every moment. Stability often comes with stagnancy and a lack of growth. Therefore, live every moment as if there’s no tomorrow! A man who has made this mantra a part of his existence is Hans Molenkamp. While he has reached the zenith of his professional career, he has not let that slow down his zeal of triumphing professional goals. An ace entrepreneur by profession, Hans has also taken his hobbies of surfing and photography to the next level and has carved a niche for himself in every industry he laid his eyes on.

Born in Oceanside California, Hans Molenkamp is a dynamic influencer, trendsetting water sports and martial arts enthusiast, and vivacious photographer. He’s the living embodiment of the new age philosophy of living life to the fullest. After graduating in Political Science from San Diego State University and California State University San Marcos, he worked in a string of successful jobs. Hans bounced around from one field to another, with designations such as graphic designer, shoes and apparel designer, photographer, and marketing director, finally taking on the role of entrepreneur and CEO. While work has always driven him to success, he has never lost sight of his passion for sports and photography, which were major influences behind his career as a successful entrepreneur.

Molenkamp is an iconic inspiration for today’s youth, one where every individual wants to pursue their passion and turn it into a lucrative business. It was in the mid-2000s that Molenkamp set foot in the business domain by buying Throwdown Equipment and Cages. Within no time, he became the CEO of Triumph United Equipment Company, creating high-end sportswear for MMA fighters and designing entire product ranges. Not only that, he also runs the combat sports division at Monster Energy and photographs all of the Monster Energy athletes himself.

When asked how he juggles all his varied interests and balances them with his daily routine, Molenkamp said, “I categorize myself as a modern “Brand Builder”. I utilize my skills in marketing, design, photography and negotiating to build companies, athletes and personalities. Every brand seeks out higher visibility and notoriety, every athlete wants a fan following. I make sure that these goals are achieved, successfully building million-dollar companies and globally recognized athletes in the process.”

Alongside his multiple business ventures, Hans Molenkamp is an immensely talented photographer, his work has earned him a sizable social media following. He is also a passionate surfer and an ardent promoter of water sports. His devotion to martial arts is also applaud worthy, as he holds a Black Belt in Brazillian Jiu-jitsu and has fought in Muay Thai and Vale tudo events.

When it comes to social media and creating a client’s presence, Hans has a simple philosophy. He claims that the key lies in constantly engaging in a direct manner with the right target audiences, and being consistent with the quality of services being provided. His ability to work hard and leave a stamp of success wherever he goes proves that with the right mindset, it is possible to achieve anything.

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