How to Choose the Best Assignment Help Writer for Your Essay

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Trusting someone you don’t know with an important academic writing project is something that many students do on a regular basis when they seek online assignment help. Unfortunately, not all writers possess the skills needed to deliver quality work on time, which results in disappointment, revisions, low grades, and in some cases, even penalties for plagiarism.

So, this leads us to a question: how to choose the best academic assignment writer for an essay? Is there any way you can make sure that the essay writer completing your assignment is capable of delivering quality work?

Find the answer to this question in this article.

The Problem

A Google request “assignment help” typically returns a lot of websites of academic writing services, which makes the choice of essay writers really difficult. For example, each and every service usually claims to have the best writers in the industry who have degrees in their respective areas obtained from some of the best colleges and universities in the world.

However, should you trust these claims? Well, in many cases, it’s a technique that academic writing companies use to build an image of a trustworthy business, which is not bad unless they’re lying. Unfortunately, some do lie about the professionalism of their writers, and there’s no way a customer can find this out besides placing an order.

How to Choose the Best Assignment Help Writer

Since selecting an essay writer from the first website you landed on is a bad idea, let’s walk you through the process of choosing the best online assignment help writer. It’s very easy if you do it right!

First and foremost, check the design of the website. If it looks outdated or poor, chances are that the company doesn’t have enough customers to afford a good website, which can easily mean that they provide low quality assignment help. On the other hand, a modern, easy-to-use website is a good sign that the company makes enough money to provide their visitors with a good browsing experience.

Second, look around the site for customer reviews (search for reviews elsewhere, too). If a writing company doesn’t have any reviews from customers – or if they are mostly negative – this is a clear sign that you should leave. On the other hand, if all the reviews you find are 100 percent positive, this also could indicate that the company is only displaying the best reviews.

Third, if you’re satisfied with what you’ve seen so far, try contacting the customer service and asking them how the writer assignment process works. For example, many companies allow to choose the writer before placing the order based on their rating on performance, which is definitely a good idea. Others offer to assign “the best available writer,” which is pretty vague because all good writers may be busy.

If you can’t choose a writer from the list provided by the company, no problem. Typically, companies providing online assignment help allow to use their top writers for a small fee. You can find this feature in the order form and activate it so your order is completed by an essay writer with a great reputation.

Next, when you placed an order, be sure to communicate with your essay writers. For example, you can ask them how they would like to complete your assignment and provide your recommendations; if the writer has a clear vision of the project, accept your recommendations, and give their advice on how to make it a success, then it’s a good sign that the writer is professional.

The writer may ask you questions or request additional information or materials shortly after you’ve placed the order or closer to the deadline; however, they should have a good idea what to do right away to ensure that your academic project is completed on time.

Also, when you browse around the order form on a typical assignment help website, you’ll notice that they provide at least several quality levels, e.g. Standard or Premium. For example, a Premium quality level means that in addition to getting a higher quality paper from a high-rated writer, you may also get premium support, project progress notifications, and other useful information.

This means that for a small fee you can also get a highly qualified essay writer to write your assignment. If this feature isn’t present, be sure to check if they allow to have your order completed by their top-rated writers.

Make a Smart Choice

With an abundance of assignment help companies out there, selecting a good writer could be a daunting task. However, if you follow the above recommendations, chances are high that you’ll get your assignment written by a qualified writer who is going to help you to get a high grade as well as save a lot of time.

Lucy Benton is a marketing specialist, business consultant and helps people to turn their dreams into the profitable business and currently works at  Now she is writing for marketing and business resources. Also Lucy has her own blog Essay Reviewer where you can check her last publications.

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