Patrick Matamoros’ Saint Luis: Kanye West’s go-to t-shirt brand

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Finding your true calling in life is never easy. Some spend years dabbling in various professions before they find it, but only a lucky few land up on the job that’s meant for them. Patrick Matamoros has a similar story to tell. From cooking, construction and set designing to being a mortgage broker, there’s nothing that Matamoros hasn’t tried. But none of that worked out because there was something bigger and much better in store for him.

Matamoros is the founder and owner of the coveted t-shirt brand Saint Luis. It is not only Kanye West’s go-to t-shirt brand but also a favorite for many other big names in the industry. His popular range of t-shirts are expertly curated and customized by Matamoros and his team. “Saint Luis is me as an artist finding my voice,” says Matamoros. Over the years, Saint Luis has earned popularity across the world. But what makes Matamoros happy is not the fame and recognition he’s acquired through his brand, but all the places that his t-shirts have travelled.

Kanye West has been spotted wearing his t-shirts at multiple occasions. In fact, he even wore it when he won the Times Man of the Year Award. Will Pharrell and Frances Bean Cobain are his regulars customers too, and happen to be also Matamoros’ favorite customers. He believes that Pharrell creates his own context for the clothing he purchases from Saint Luis. One of Matamoros’ proudest accomplishments is landing up on the cover of Marc Ronson’s album from when he was asked to find a custom piece for it.

Benny Blanco used the hoodie Matamoros selected for his friends and family and even wore it to the AMAs. He was also responsible for styling Rihanna for her tour with Eminem. He helped find the right t-shirts for different cities reflecting their music history. One of the many reasons why Matamoros is a favorite among his prestigious list of clients is the fact that he never opts for anything less than the perfect match. He also makes a promise to every customer who walks through his door. “I will not let them buy anything I don’t think looks good on them,” says Matamoros.

Believe it or not, nearly 100% of every single piece that Matamoros has put in a store has sold out. Be it Nike, Adidas or even Maxfield. But what’s most surprising is that the popularity the brand has achieved is simply through word of mouth publicity. As per Matamoros, he has never approached or even inquired about a single client in his life.

But all this success only comes second, because Matamoros believes that his son is his biggest achievement. “My greatest accomplishment is having my son whom I named Saint Luis after. His middle name is De Los Santos Luis and my grandfather’s name is Luis Duran. It always reminds me where I come from, who I am, and who this is for,” says Matamoros.

Matamoros believes that this career chose him. He thought he’d either become a private chef or an art director. But even though that didn’t happen, his story is a fine example of how everything worked out in the end, all one has to do is put in the effort.

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