8 Psychedelic Movies to Watch on a Date

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We offer you a selection of films with a fine line between reality and fantasy, strange and intelligent films, many of which have become cult films.

1. Un Chien Andalou (1929)

This 16-minute surreal silent film was shot by a Spanish director by the name of Luis Bunuel in collaboration with artist Salvador Dali.

The film begins with a man tapping a razor blade and making a cut in the woman’s eye. The usual chronology, storyline, and logic are completely absent here. All the symbols, imagery, and a distorted sense of reality characteristic of many psychedelic films create a surrealistic feel to this movie.

2. The Red Shoes (1948)

The classic film made by Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, which uses expressionistic scenery and costumes, is considered to be the pinnacle of the work of two directors. This is a story about a young dancer, Victoria Paige (Moira Shearer), who is torn between a love for a young man and a passion for dancing. The film focuses its attention on the conflicting emotions that are going through the woman’s head.

3. Sedmikrásky (1966)

Sedmikrásky is an experimental and even somewhat revolutionary film directed by Vera Chytilova, which was banned in Czechoslovakia. This is a story about two young girls who, having been convinced that the world is hopelessly spoiled, decide to become bad. It seems that both of them compete in depravity, start drunken mayhem in a nightclub, cause havoc, and commit other acts of sabotage.

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4. Point Blank (1967)

This is a classic neo-noir thriller about a man who is obsessed with revenge by John Burman. After a joint robbery, the partner shoots Walker and throws him to die on Alcatraz. But the surviving hero intends to regain the things he lost and get even with the traitor. Tempo, colors, and atmospheric music play an important role in the emotional coloring of the story. The story ends at the same place where it began, which casts doubt on the reality of everything that happened during the film.

5. 2001: A Space Odyssey (1968)

This is a cult sci-fi masterpiece and a milestone not only in the genre but also in the world of cinema. The film combines stunning visual effects and the greatness of classical music with fragments of micro-polyphonic works by György Ligeti. According to the American Film Institute, this is the best sci-fi film in the history of Hollywood, and according to international film critics – in the entire history of world cinema. This movie by Stanley Kubrick about reconnoitering history and the future of humanity excites its viewer, makes them confront the great unknown of space and time.

6. Easy Rider (1969)

One of the first films of the road movie genre and the acidic western of Dennis Hopper and Peter Fonda about two motorcyclists traveling through the American South-West to the Deep South. The film depicts the counterculture with historical authenticity, even in the scenes with drugs (the actors smoked real marijuana, but instead of cocaine, they used powdered sugar). The film is about the great desire for freedom and the caution with which this impulse was perceived by society. With a budget of $360,000, the box office amounted to $41,728,598 in the United States alone.

7. Zabriskie Point (1970)

This movie made by Michelangelo Antonioni was shot in America. The film was a failure at the box office but took a central place in the hippie culture. Combining documentary realism and a bizarre psychedelic journey through the desert, the film invites its viewers to look at various aspects of life during the heyday of counterculture. The tape has become a cult classic and remains an important milestone of psychedelic cinema with beautiful landscapes of the Death Valley and the soundtracks from Grateful Dead and Pink Floyd.

8. The Devils (1971)

The action of the scandalous film by Ken Russell takes place in the 17th century in the French city of Ludon. A Catholic priest by the name Urbain Grandier comes to power after the death of the governor. The humpbacked abbess of the local monastery, sister Jeanne, is obsessed with him and seeks his attention, but then accuses the priest of witchcraft. This “demonic obsession” encompasses other nuns, which translates into a psychedelic orgy. Naked nuns “rape” the statue of Christ, sister Jeanne masturbates with a human bone. The director’s cut of “The Devils” is a bold study of religious, and sexual ecstasy and the concept of sin.

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