5 Techniques that are Essential for Successful Photo Manipulation

When it comes to photo manipulation, some people may have to toil around with it for a while before they get precisely what they are looking for, while others go through some test periods and get it within a short time. Either way, photo manipulation is not easy work to go over, and beginners will know this because when your manipulation does not look real, you get criticized for it. Many designers all over the world and make use of photo manipulation, and this is to help them create great artwork that will not only please them but be admirable in the eyes of others.

The designers who mostly make use of photo manipulation are the graphic designers, and the tool they use for this effect is known as the Photoshop tool or application. The best thing about photo manipulation is that the moment you know the key ingredients to get that perfect piece of art, you are already on your way to creating anything you want with a click.

A simple image can be turned around into something spontaneous with the use of the Photoshop app, and this is called photo manipulation. To further help with this review, there are so many techniques to consider when you want to go about photo manipulation, but this article will place its focus on the top 5 procedures. These techniques not only help beginners to know precisely what they need to see; it also helps them to pick the right tools, to not be lost in the middle of the process. No one knows what an image can turn out to be, so the designer has to have a wild memory to be able to picture how one thing can become another. If this wildness is not there, then there will be no uniqueness in work, neither will it have a taste.

Pay attention to these five (5) techniques that will help you build anything you want to develop with Photoshop.

Image Rendering

When you want to make a tree of images, it can get tricky because you have no idea how to cut your pictures to fit like a tree, because trees usually, do not have straight or curved edges, and some branches are longer than the other. Although some designers will go for the Photoshop pen tool to cut out images and create the perfect shapes for the tree, some photos may be too hard to cut that way, so it is in your best interest to make use of a Vertus Fluid Mask. This is a tool that will help you render images to the shapes you want with the use of a masking tool or more.


When you want to manipulate a picture or image, you want to make sure that it looks real, but you can only achieve this when your model has a shadow when it needs to. Usually, when a photo of a person is taken in bright light, you will see the shadow of that person appearing in the picture, so if you want to make your manipulation look real, do not tamper with the shadow.


The proportion of an image during manipulation is significant because you cannot have a too big head on a too small body. Although proportion does not mean that you cannot go back to the original size, it just means that you are creative.


The texture of your image is crucial because it causes form and helps to blend pictures, for them to even out.

Pick the Best Stock Image

This is usually done after you have thought about what and how you want to manipulate an image, because not all stock images may be useful for you, as some of them may not measure up to what you want to create.

Note that when you create a manipulation, it does not mean that you cannot engage in photo retouching and restoration service, especially when you make a mistake.