How to generate more likes and followers on social media

For your business to establish and maintain social media presence, it needs to generate leads. The fact that social media is free makes it an excellent way of promoting your business and you’re able to target your posts to a wider audience. But if you have no following it doesn’t make any sense sending out your content that nobody will read. The only way you can maintain your social media accounts is by increasing your followers. This is because when you have a large audience you increase customer loyalty, brand recognition, and more opportunities for higher conversions.

Generating more likes on your Instagram page can help you make sure that all your future posts get more exposure as Instagram users will be shown what they had previously shown interest in. More likes can lead to more followers and increased traffic to your page as people will check your account profiles if they like your content. Whether you’re new on social media or you’ve been trying with no luck to increase your likes and follows, there is still hope for you.

Let’s look at some of the ways you can create clickable content that will generate more likes and more followers.

Know and understand your audience

First, you need to identify who your audience is so that you can know what they want. Profiling your customers will give you in-depth knowledge on how to attract a huge following. Factors like demographics, behavior, preferences, inclinations, tastes, income, etc. will help you create good content suited for your target audience. If you’re marketing your business to other businesses, find out the type of company it is, number of employees, the geographical scope, and employees revenue.

Find out which social media platforms your target audience uses and what content they like reading, understand your customer’s buying behavior if they do research before purchasing, are they more likely to impulse buy or make purchases when there are offers. Taking the time to know your audience will help you share content that they need which will save you time and resources and increase your likes and followers.

Share images that work

Before you share any image on social media you have to think about what will attract your followers to like your posts. Probably look at your old posts and see which one got the most likes. If you haven’t been posting much or you’re new on social media, you can check out your competition to give you some idea the kind of images that get likes then come up with your own. If you’re having problems getting likes for your post you can simply get instant likes app – free trial for 50 likes to help generate more likes and shares for your posts. You can choose to use pre-designed images or your own photos. If you choose to use a pre-designed image consider adding something entertaining, a quote or fact to receive more likes.

Use hashtags

Hashtags are important if you want to attract visitors to your social media page and increase your exposure. Hashtags are commonly used on Instagram and Twitter to reach potential customers. Using local hashtags used by popular local accounts in their photos can help you connect with people near you who are interested in your business. It also helps you increase your followers and get more likes. You can also opt to use popular hashtags, although not very effective, they can help you reach a large group of Instagram users. Your photos will be seen by more people and you can generate a huge number of likes on your photos. 

Post sharable content

For people to share your content it has to be relevant to your target audience. This will encourage them to share your posts with other people including family and friends. Alternatively, you can add social media buttons to your original posts for people to share across social media platforms. Another way of making your posts sharable is to ask your readers to share your content at the end of the post. To encourage them you can come up with a well-thought-out phrase or create a call-to-action.

Post at the right times

Experiment to find out the best time to schedule your posts or use scheduling tools on social media to help you. Between 10 pm and 3 am is said to be the best time to send your posts because fewer people are posting at that time so fewer posts will be competing with yours. This will increase the attention they get increasing your engagement rates and higher exposure. However, you need to make sure your posts are reaching the intended audience.

Run competitions

Everybody loves free things. Running competitions on social media is a great way of growing your audience. Like a tag-to-enter or like-to-enter giveaways are simple competitions with low entry requirements that can rack up a lot of likes and generate a huge following. The entrants can tag two or more friends to enter this way you increase the number of people who see your post. You can also ask people to like, follow, or comment on your photos which will give them a chance of winning a prize. Every time a viewer likes or comments on your posts, you not onlyincrease your followers you also extend your reach.

Like and comment on other people’s posts

Liking and commenting on other people’s photos can help you gain more likes and followers and also expand your reach. Go through the popular Instagram feeds on your page and hashtag feeds, then like the posts that are useful or posts that you find entertaining or companies whose profiles are in your niche.

Final thoughts

There are very many ways you can get more likes and followers, but the important thing is to choose the best ways that work for you depending on the goals you want to achieve. It can be hard trying to manage your social media accounts while competing with bigger brands to stay relevant and visible for your target audience. However, if you adopt some of the above methods to attract more followers and likes for your content they will soon benefit your business.


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