5 Things You Cannot Ignore Anymore if You Want to Develop Your Blog

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When blogs first appeared, nobody expected to see them survive the battle with all these marketing channels and platforms on the market. Today, they are one of the most efficient ways to interact with your target audience and provide them with vital information about your business and your products. Not having a blog creates a void in the communication between you and your customers that will have a negative impact not only on your marketing results but also on your business reputation.

So, what should you focus on if you wish to successfully develop a blog which will help you build a strong relationship with your customers? In this article, we bring you 5 things you simply can’t ignore anymore if you wish to stay competitive.

Your website structure

What is the domain name of your blog? Does it sound professional yet interesting to your target audience? Is it well integrated with your overall website structure? If your target audience is struggling to find your blog on the website, something needs to be changed. Don’t neglect the impact a well-written article has on buying decisions. Instead, take a closer look at what can be improved so your customers and prospects can easily find the information they need. When people enter your blog site, it should be easy for them to go through articles and find what they need. You should add categories, tags, list of most popular articles and other things that will engage your website visitors even more.

The promotion of your blog

No matter how perfect your website structure is and how brilliantly is your blog optimized for search engines, if you’re not promoting your blog through different channels, you’re losing potential readers every day. Your target audience needs to be informed when a new article is published on your blog. Determine which channels are most efficient for content promotion – newsletters, email drip campaigns, social media platforms – and start promoting it. The only thing that’s worse than not having a blog is not actively expanding your blog audience.

Guest posting

As a business, you already have your own audience you interact with regularly. However, it’s hard to cross that limit and find new readers who will also be your potential customers. That’s why many businesses decided to rely on a guest posting service to publish articles on other platforms where they will be exposed to a completely new audience. Engaging people on other platforms by promoting your business and products is a very successful marketing method. With plenty of tracking code options on the market, you can even track how many people from these other websites have visited your own after reading the article.

Content diversity

Writing a well-written article is what will help you convert your readers into customers, but nowadays, a simple plain text is not enough. People want to be visually engaged by captivated images, videos, infographics, statistics other types of content. By providing diversity to your readers, the level of your communication will significantly improve. Right now, video is the most engaging form of content and that’s the reason why so many businesses across various industries are utilizing videos to convey their messages. Go through your old blog posts and update them with images and videos that will bring more quality to the topic of the post.

Analyzing your competition

Analyzing blogs from your competitors will help you understand their keywords and, of course, goals of their content strategy. While analyzing their content, make sure to check the number of backlinks they’ve gathered as it directly helps with ranking on search engines. In other words, the bigger the number of their backlinks is, the higher the chances are they outrank you on result pages of search engines. Also, take a look at the ways they promote their content to see if there is something you’re missing out on. Great content on your blog helps you stay ahead of your competition, but you’ll need the see where your competitors are to understand your position.


If you’re not already running a blog, you should start immediately as it’s one of the most efficient ways to interact with your target audience. Your content can bring you more closed deals if it’s compelling, problem-solving and beneficial for your readers. Words have always been a powerful tool, especially in the business world. Make sure your words are the start of a meaningful, long-term relationship with your customers.

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