6 Common Causes of Hair Loss in Men

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You are going on with your normal life and then you realize that the top of your head looks unusual. There seems to be less hair than the sides, and that’s a bit frightening. Don’t be surprised! You are losing hair and not your identity. Your best bet is knowing the real cause of that hair loss and finding the most appropriate treatment, that is if it’s still possible to make the hair grow back. There are many causes of hair loss in men, but we are going to discuss the most common ones.

1. Your Diet

One of the reasons for losing hair is lack of iron in the body. Other causes are low levels of vitamin B12, biotin, and zinc. All those can be achieved from the food you eat daily, so your diet plays a significant role. Be restrictive to what you eat if you notice some hair loss.

2. Surgery or Illness

If you went under the knife recently or are recovering from a serious illness, you might experience hair loss, and it’s very normal. Most people have experienced hair loss weeks after leaving the surgery ward or after being ill.

While it may seem like you lost excessive hair, it’s just normal after surgery or illness.

3. Genetics

Male pattern baldness, also named androgenetic alopecia occurs due to the genes your parents passed to you. It’s not clear how it happens, but it tends to be a hereditary. So, if you have family members who are turning bald, don’t be surprised if it strikes you as well.

To date, researchers haven’t come up with answers why specific hormonal changes shrink the hair follicles. It notoriously begins above the temples and crown and spreads. Your family history matters. You could be from a family which has a pattern of baldness that starts in early teens. Brace yourself, brother!

4. Hormonal Imbalance

You must have heard about testosterone. It’s responsible for most things in men. You develop a deeper voice, blame it on testosterone. You develop a muscular growth and your sex drive increases, thanks to what?

But when testosterone is converted to dihydrotestosterone or DHT, it’s no more good news. You experience hair loss. DHT shrinks the hair follicles and might result in hair loss. The remedy to the problem is DHT blocker.

5. Severe Stress

Too much mental or physical pressure is unhealthy. Severe stress can affect your body and ignite hormones and metabolites. Stress can cause telogen effluvium, which is the shedding of hair. Aren’t you surprised that stress can destroy the inside of the head and top of it?

A study was done on rats in a lab. They were spiked with cortisol levels to cause stress on them, and their fur began to fall. The results indicated that the stress hormone can also cause hair loss.

6. Medication

Some drugs especially those used to treat high blood pressure, depression and arthritic condition have the potential to cause hair loss. Non-steroidal meds for treating inflammation like ibuprofen also have the hair-loss effect.

However, it depends on how long you have been taking medication and how recently you began to lose hair. If you have been on medication for years and you began experiencing hair loss just recently, then the medication is not the cause.


Losing hair is not the end of life, but if you are uncomfortable with a bald head, you can use a DHT blocker or wear a wig. Don’t spend sleepless nights thinking about it. It will be alright.

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