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5 Reasons You Need a Fake ID in Miami

Miami is regarded as a cosmopolitan part of south Florida. With multiple tourist attractions and so many exciting places to visit, this state is a great option for many people to consider who haven’t visited it as yet. However, if you want to visit Miami, then you might need to carry a fake ID to enjoy your trip.

Don’t worry! We’re not suggesting you get a fake ID if you already have a genuine ID. If you need to travel freely and tension free then you will need to do some homework before enjoying quality time. Just as in the rest of the world there are laws for everything, Miami also has a strict check on rules and regulations that have been set by the higher authorities.

First of all, let’s understand the dynamics of a fake ID:

A fake ID is a counterfeit document that is used to avail or pursue a service or a benefit.

Where will you get a Fake ID from?

Well, many underbelly companies provide these services to customers. You will be surprised to know that many Israeli citizens drive in Miami with a fake ID in their pockets. A fake ID can be customized by your needs and can cost up to $300 per document.

However, if you increase the number of documents that you want, then the cost per document will eventually go down. You can easily get one from Florida fake ID that paddles well-made fake documents to clients. You will be surprised to know that the makers of fake documents even set certain terms and conditions for making the document.

Though, fake ID’s are used to avail certain benefits, but the makers ask clients to adhere to the fact that they won’t use the fake ID for any unlawful activity or something that causes damage to any other person or party.

If you don’t have any sound experience of getting a fake ID, then consult a friend who has used a fake ID document before. The unregistered companies are in the red zone of getting caught up. Make sure that the makers whom you trust for this activity must keep your data safe and discreet.

Why you need a fake ID in Miami?

If you are traveling to Miami for the first time in your teens, then you surely would need to carry one such document. Moreover, even if you are underage, then there are many other security checks that you will have to go through to successfully qualify for certain services and facilities.

Don’t think that your bribing idea will work everywhere

Miami does welcome all sorts of people and cultures, but you can never be sure about the underbelly of the city unless you don’t go through a certain experience in the state.

Let me navigate you towards the reasons for having a fake ID when you are in Miami:

Buying Booze and Cigarettes

Do you want to party with your friends? Are you on a romantic date in Miami? Well, then you must look out for some important things in the first place. The minimum age that qualifies a person to buy booze or cigarettes is 21. If you are underage, then you can surely not buy booze in Miami. It is against the law to consume liquor, wine or smoke if you are less than 21.

If you are on a romantic date with your partner, then drinking some booze might uplift the lovemaking moments for a while. However, the Miami government will allow you only if you’re in compliance with the legal criteria.

Moreover, you will be surprised to know that in Miami Beach, bars close at around 5 am. However, there are some places that have been legally authorized to sell alcohol 24 hours a day. This means that if you even want to sell alcohol in the city, then you will need a certified document. This is where a fake ID can be of great help. Use it only when needed and don’t lend it to anyone else.

Driving in the City

Just as in any state of the world, you will need to carry a driving license to drive in Miami too. If you’re less than 21, then you cannot legally drive in the city. The state has strict laws on driving. If you’re out and about for a party with friends, then you must be prepared in terms of going through any sort of security check at any time.

Moreover, if you want to rent a car then still you need a license to do that. There are different rules for underage drivers. People who are less than 21 years of age will have to pay an extra surcharge in the pursuit of renting a car and will also have restricted access. Moreover, even if you hire a driver to navigate you throughout the trip, then the driver will have to adhere to certain laws. That person must be of the legal age and should not be drinking any alcoholic drink while driving.

Going to the Bars and Clubs

As discussed earlier, Miami is a cosmopolitan city which has room for everyone. However, when it comes to keeping a check on the underbellies, the state never steps back. You need to be 21 years of age to step into a bar or a club in Miami. The doormen at clubs are tough people to walk through. You don’t just have to prove your age but also your existence to get an entry into the place. However, there are very few bars that allow people over 18 and less than 21 to enter.

It is better that you don’t risk by putting the teen tag when entering a club, who knows which bar actually allows teens to enter. Enjoying some quality time in a bar can be fun but can only be availed if you make it through the tough doors. A counterfeit document can save your party. However, don’t overdo it; otherwise, you’ll get in trouble.

Booking a Hotel

Traveling to a new city doesn’t come without the need to stay somewhere. The minimum age to book a hotel in Miami is 18 if you’re less than that, then sorry, you won’t be able to do it. What are your plans for summer this time? Are you out with friends for a short holiday to Miami? If your plans are concrete and you’re also not 18, yet then you better do something about the accommodation.

Minimum age of 18 is the criteria; otherwise, you’ll have to sleep under the palm trees during the night with your best buddies. Along with that, you also need a valid debit and credit card to book a hotel. Since Miami is a hot tourist destination and an inter-cultural city, the authorities need to be strict with laws. So if you want to enjoy good night sleep in a great hotel, then you better get a fake ID for to pursue a successful booking.

Cutting down the extra costs

This is perhaps a very important reason which is part and parcel of the points mentioned above. As discussed earlier, an extra surcharge will have to be paid by drivers who are less than 21 years of age. The state has laws where you will need to hire a driver too who is of legal age and can easily navigate your trip. Hiring a driver will be an extra cost.

Moreover, the extra surcharge will be an extra burden too.

Surprisingly, Miami is like Vegas were tipping the doormen at bars is common. Some bars have a tip which is as low as $20 per person whereas some A-plus bars have tips that can be as high as $2000 per table. If you want to cut down the bribing costs, then you better get a counterfeit document. There are several costs and procedures involved when you haven’t reached the legal age to avail of many facilities.

How much is too much?

Well, the use of a fake ID document can anytime run you into trouble. It is better that you don’t overuse the document in the pursuit of becoming a complete party animal. Fake ID’s can be of great help if used for restricted purposes only. If you are visiting Miami for the very first time, then you must contour yourself with the laws and rules. There is no barometer to measure the use of a fake document, but yes, the lesser, the better.


There is no harm in enjoying a trip to Miami; however, enjoying within limits will be a good idea. A fake document will take some time to prepare so in case you have to order one then register a few days before your visit to any city. Lastly, there is nothing better than having the privilege to enjoy everything that’s around. Life is too short, so why wait for a document to allow the ultimate freedom?

With so much going around in the environment that we live in, it becomes imperative to travel a bit faster in life. Though there are rules and regulations that one should abide by, there’s no harm in tasting the bright side of life too early if once gets the chance to do it.