The Symbolism Behind The Tallit

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Jews pray at the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

A tallit is known as a symbolic garment, worn by people who practice the Jewish faith, to show reverence and solidarity to God whom they believe firmly in and worship. There have been so many questions over the years about the history of this piece of garment worn by people during the ancient times and presently, and some people believe that this garment holds a significant meaning to the Jew or Jewish people.

The symbol behind the tallit shows that people who wear this piece of clothing are soldiers for God and follow him consistently. This can also be likened to solidarity with God. Over the years, there have been records of different kinds of religions and how they show reverence to God, but the most popular type comes from the Jews, who have been known to follow God from their first generation.

In the olden days, things were much more straightforward for people of this faith, however, in the recent and modern years, the identity of Jews have faced more complications and complexity, which is why things change for them from time to time.

When it comes to religious beliefs and how they should be passed down, the Jewish faith is nothing like it used to be, as a lot of things have now seen the modern light, and have changed drastically. It was also found out that due to the modernization of the religion or faith, so many Jews do not see any point in wearing a tallit around, which is supposed to be a symbol of their solidarity to God. This happened over time because of the social norms that have taken place in various countries and the enlightening that technology has brought to the world.

Instead of putting on a tallit, you would only know a Jew by the words of their mouth. According to the Bible, God ordained the wearing of a tassel on the four (4) different corners of a tallit, and this history was passed down from generations to generations. Sadly, the modern day lifestyle put aside this law as they saw no reason to put a tassel on each side of their garment or any cloth that they have on. Another function of the tallit is that it serves as a mediator between the Jews and their lifestyle as Jews.

Tallit Dimensions/Sizes

Just like other attires, there are also tallit dimensions (including a size chart) and each size difference according to children, youths and adults. This means that these clothes have to be explicitly designed for one person who cannot give it to another to wear it unless they have no choice. However, a tallit is made for a specific person, and that is why there are dimensions for every tallit.

The first tallit dimension goes to little children, who are nothing less or more than 3 ft in height

The second dimension of the tallit is made for a Bar Mitzvah, which is usually recorded at 5ft in height

The third tallit dimension is made for a taller version of a bar mitzvah, who is also not more than 5ft 6inches

The third dimension of a tallit is made for a regular adult who is not more than 5ft, and not up to 6ft

The fourth dimension of a tallit is made for a large adult who is exactly 6ft

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