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6 Travel Ideas In Rap Videos: Nipsey Hussle, Menor Menor, & C.KHiD, Mexico to Nigeria

Nipsey Hussle in Tulum-Mexico for rap video, Victory Lap

When one has the funds to travel, finding visuals to help decide where to go becomes the top priority.   Before,  people learned by exploration via horseback. Today, exploration happens via the computer screen or mobile device.    With social media movements celebrating travel like “Wanderlust” and “‘BlackTravelMovement,” here is a new way to source excellent locations.   The internet has begun watching and talking about the music videos of rap artists globally to decide what locations are best.   From these daily evolving lists, here are 6 travel ideas in rap videos from Nipsey Hussle to Amenazzy to C.KHiD.

1. Nipsey Hussle “Victory Lap” featuring Stacey Barthe  | Tulum, Mexico

This rapper was recently laid to rest. A true icon to Hip-Hop culture, his ‘prolific’ lifestyle was well captured in this piece.   The Los Angeles rap star teamed with video director, ‘Sergio,’ to  give fans the opportunity to vicariously experience Tulum, Mexico.   Nipsey showcased himself outside of the ruins of the legendary Mayan pyramids, alongside his brother Blacc Sam.   The artist and director also made it a point to showcase coastal landscape, giving taste of the jungles and beach.

This would turn out to be one of Nipsey Hussle’s final rap videos.  Shortly after released he was assassinated in front of his Marathon clothing store in South Central Los Angeles.   However, fans or people who listened to his music must know, if he went, there was something special there.   The rapstar nicknamed ‘Nip’ by his Neighborhood community was heavily into understand world affairs, universal energy, and human habit.     These ruins are at a center point of the world.  Perhaps  the business savvy rapper wanted to remind viewers the Mayan tribes

put the pyramid at this location for a reasons that touch the soul.

2. Casanova “2AM” featuring Tory Lanez, Davido  | Lagos, Nigeria

The world once had control of the images of Africa and mislead the world.  Now, Black artists are connecting and having a blast in the ‘Motherland’ of civilization.    Brooklyn rapper Casanova has been on a high note in life, celebrating his blessings with fans all the time.

In this video he took the party to Nigeria, home of the ‘afro beats’ movements.   Connecting with platinum rapper Davido, a Nigerian superstar,  the view of what city life in Africa might really be like is captured.  Yes, it has its slums just like any other part of the world but the upscale society and nightlife is next level. Beautiful women, amazing dancers, sensational views, and A1 home decor make Lagos-Nigeria  place to see.

3. Jay-Z  “Big Pimpin” featuring UGK | Port Au Spain, Trinidad

Here is a rap classic that capped off the 1990’s music scene. To date, this is still one of the best music visuals ever., Jigga connected with legendary director Hype Williams to give an ultimate vicarious experience.    The Brooklyn, New York native linked up with Texas rap duo UGK in Trinidad and took ‘balling’ international.This is probably the first mainstream rap videos to showcase the Carnival celebration of Trinidad.    Everyone is in the streets having the time of their life and it looks like the ultimate party scene.  Women are scantily dressed in tribal costumes, while letting there inner twerk team star out.  Men are in costumes as well, showing off their physiques just as much.

4. C.KHiD “Rich Life Forever” | Simpson Bay-Sint Maarten, Boca Chica-Dominican Republic, Spanish Bay-Curacao

Here is a music video that’s got great travel ideas for any man on YouTube.   The original 2016 rap music video (see here) did nearly 20k views, but the Uncut version shown here, is better.   If ever a man needs a guide on where to go, it appears C.KHiD has the formula.  The South Carolina rapper touts his bravado, looking like a Black Dan Blizerian in various scenes across the Caribbean.

The directos Sage English did a great job at capturing the experience of the rapper’s life, while living in the Dominican Republic.   As expected, beautiful exotic women of all shades, clear water beaches, and plenty of fun.   From helicopter rides over Curacao to Jet Skis on the Beach of Boca Chica in DR, to performing on Cay Hill, Sint Maarten, the vicarious experience is next level for an independent artist.    

This video was part of a series of visuals shot in the Caribbean for C.KHiD album ‘abKw2P.’    Other music videos like “Me,” “COLG,” and “Get Grown” were all shot in the Dominican Republic.  Each give a different taste of the Eastern Caribbean island.

5. J. Balvin “Si Tu Novio Te Deja Sola” featuring Bad Bunny | Havana, Cuba

The United States of America’s citizens were banned from visiting Cuba until President Barack Obama began calling for the the lifting of the embargo act of 1958. This US political move is alleged to have cost the Caribbean Island $130-billion-dollars over the years(read).     Now, people can travel under certain restriction but the door has not been opened completely. Therefore, here is one of the coolest music videos to hit the island.   

Colombian rap star J.Balvin linked with Puerto Rico’s Bad Bunny to create this artistic visual.  Get a glimpse into Cuba’s city skyline and the coast.  Most notably, viewers can see the devotion to art that’s developed on the restricted island which is said to have the world’s greatest performers.  The colorful rap video has generated over 850 million views to date.   It sits atop the list of most rapper’s singles as Latin Trap and Hip-Hop music have really become huge on the internet.

Menor Menor, Latin Rap Artist in Honduras

Tips for Travel

Before visiting any of these places,  do extra research.  The costs to explore in all of the places listed, excluding Trinidad are fairly cheap for the average American.   Hotels and AirBNB’s start in the $30’s in places like Boca Chica-Dominican Republic.      Lagos, the most populous city of Nigeria, will likely be the most expensive of those listed but also has deals.

Though going to any location for fun, still keep your wits about yourself.  The countries listed have very low crime rates, when you actually analyze real statistics and compare them to United States or United Kingdom crime.  Mexico hs rough parts, but the rest are fairly square.      “Thieves,” looking to find an easier life would be your worst case scenario in most situations.  One might get a phone or wallet taken if left hanging around but that’s not something to stress if you pick a service from something like GoBear’s travel insurance comparison.

Beyond this, do not drink water in any foreign country. Stick to bottled water as its usually the only thing that can throw the stomach off.   If you want to go out and explore beyond tourist destinations, simply find a reputable host or taxi driver who speaks English.  Pay that man or woman to be your guide through DR, Curacao, Sint Maarten, Trinidad, Cuba, or Mexico.

For an extra toss in, check out the rap video from Menor Menor beneath, shot in Honduras.  Who knew Honduras had this type of  culture and swag?  It may be a great place to get to know before 2020.