The Benefits Of Playing A Video Game

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Video games have been around for ages; the only visible difference however, is the advancement which they have attained. From a normal cardboard to the almighty PS4 whose lifelike graphics and details are second to none. Contrary to popular belief that gaming is a waste of time or an addictive entertainment, research has proven that gaming has tremendous benefits to the player.

Most importantly, playing a video game helps in the development of cognitive skills in every individual, whether young or old. In this article, the benefits of playing a video game will be fished out.

1. Problem solving skill

Virtually all games come with rules and for the player to advance to the next level or better yet, survive, he has to stick to the rules. He needs to make split-seconds decision and when that is well done, moving to the next stage becomes possible. This problem solving skill is developed involuntarily by playing video games and can even help the player know how to solve real life situations.

2. Improve coordination

A game such as piano tiles involves staring at the screen and making sure you click the tiles before they disappear. As the player advance, the tiles moves faster. The game sound helps the player know the formation or pattern the next tile is coming in. By doing this, the player develops his visual, audial and physical movement coordination.

3. Improves memory

Playing video games has been known to improve the memory of players, whether short or long term, at an enormous pace. To play a game, you require the use of both audio and visual memory. In the beginning of any game, rules are made known and remembering and sticking to them as the game progress means exercising your memory. This can also help in real life situation, like studying.

4. Improves brain speed

Some certain games aim at knowing how fast a player can go. When gaming, the brain gains multiple stimulations according to Game24Hours, thereby training the brain to process events faster than those who don’t play video games. These stimulations are like brain exercises, and your brain processing power can never be the same with someone who isn’t a gamer. One of such a game that helps in boosting your brains’ speed is ‘Devil May Cry’.

5. Social skills

In this era, there are lots of online games that allows players to interact with others all around the world from the comfort of their homes. This helps them to make friends, strengthen their friendship, even marry. Apart from this, when contemporaries engage in a gaming argument, you can definitely know what to chip in and feel good about it.


Playing video game has countless benefits which cannot all be mentioned in this article. However, the time which we spend on them needs to be monitored, to avoid addiction which can hamper our social life or encroach into our normal daily activities. But with good use of games, you become a better individual due to the self-development it provides. Buy a cheap gaming laptop and have fun building yourself by doing something you love.

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