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Devil May Cry 5 – what to expect?

Gamers have been waiting in anticipation for the debut of Devil May Cry 5 and now that the game has finally been released, fans cannot stop talking about the highs and lows as well as what to anticipate in this devil hacking phenomenon. As far as action-adventure hack and slash video games go, the 5th installation of Devil May Cry is back better than the last installation boasting of new game modes to thrill the senses.

Among the things that you can expect include cutting-edge graphical capabilities, new characters, high-def visuals, a horde of old and new weapons for destruction, as well as intricate detail that will help you better explore an array of new and striking locales and settings. If you are looking to express yourself in a highly technical and mechanical dance of guns and swords, then here is what to expect from Devil May Cry 5:

The story

The story in Devil May Cry 5 is a little unconventional this time, in that it begins with events that would typically be left for the highpoint or climax. As soon as you get started, you will be thrown right into the battle where you will come across the usual mainstays, Dante and Nero. However, you will also be introduced to a brand-new character known as V. The storyline moves around between different settings and time periods as the story of Dante, Nero, and V unfolds while explaining how Urizen rose to power, as well as V’s hunger to take Urizen down.

The characters

Although Dante and Nero have always been the main hunters charged with the responsibility of slaying and taking down the demons, Devil May Cry 5 also introduces a smashing new demon hunter that goes by the name of V. Each of the 3 main protagonists have distinct playstyles, separate skill trees for you to custom configure your characters, as well as their own separate but essential roles in the game.

Dante’s playstyle remains pretty much the same from the previous iterations, but there are some innovative adjustments that you will want to keep your eye on such as Dante’s demonic motorcycle, that can be split into two parts to produce 2 chaotic chainsaws. 

Nero’s Blue Rose revolver and Red Queen sword are still favorites, but Nero will also be accompanied by a new character, known as Nico who is a crafty and capable technician that has lots of tech gadgets to offer the demon hunting team on their escapades.

What will really help to amp up the game however is V, who not only adds a nice and much-needed change to the franchise, but she also comes with a brilliant playstyle that will make playing Devil May Cry 5 a truly wonderful experience.