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Typical Plumbing Services Provided by Plumber Contractors

Some plumbers are able to handle multiple job/contract types, while others are primarily for home, or for business contracts. When it comes to finding a good plumber, you may want to have someone who is well-seasoned in both residential and commercial plumbing. What a lot of people don’t know is what the typical plumbing services by plumber contractors actually consists of for each of these characters. Everyone knows that plumbers are for things like bathroom plumbing, kitchen plumbing, and pipe, but a lot of people don’t know that many plumbers have much more experience and can do a lot more tasks than just fixing these things.

Residential Plumbing Services Provided

Most residential work is actually the lighter side of plumbing contractor. The services that a lot of plumbers can perform includes much of the following:

  • Busted pipes
  • Slow drains
  • Drain clogs
  • Sewer clogs
  • Installation/repair of faucets
  • Installation and repair of bathtubs
  • Garbage disposal repair/replacement
  • Water heater service and installation
  • Tankless water heater installation
  • Gas meters and gas line repair
  • Water meter repairs
  • Outside plumbing
  • Outdoor drain fixes
  • Water damage repair
  • Refrigeration
  • Ice maker installation
  • Bathroom remodeling
  • Kitchen remodeling
  • Washer and dryer and their drains repair
  • Household water
  • Water filtration systems
  • Fixing water leaks
  • And so much more!

Due to the diversity that modern technology has brought, plumbers have to be able to handle numerous situations as well as different plumbing techniques than they used years ago. This means that while they specialize in plumbing, as you can see from the list, some of what they also fix is gas lines, and more.  A more complete list can be found on the Homepage. By being able to handle multiple tasks outside of just regular plumbing, this makes a licensed plumber more valuable.

What About Commercial Plumbing?

Even businesses need help when it comes to plumbing. A lot of times, they need to ensure that things like water waste, drain screens, and more are properly placed. Even businesses that have a “maintenance” team often make sure their maintenance team members are licensed as plumbers as well. But a full-service commercial plumber may be what you need when it goes beyond the maintenance team’s hand, or if you don’t have one.

Things like toilet cleaners and more can cause issues with toiletry, plumbing, and even sewer drains. A certified plumber normally will have a set of service quality which is primarily adjusted just for your business, or tailored to business standards to meet local, state, and federal codes that your business may need to follow. This makes them a very valuable asset for your company, and knows that when you hire a licensed, certified, insured plumber, you’re actually getting the work done properly that you need done, and that your plumbing systems and your employees, as well as the employers themselves are safe.


Many plumbers have experience with multiple types of work as shown above. Other services that people don’t or may not realize is that a licensed plumber is also capable of working on machinery that may have water lines and needs repair at times. This also does apply for your home, as literally anything that has a link to your water line can be considered a job for a plumber.