Become a ManyChat Expert in 2019

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One of the biggest platforms when it comes to chatbots, the not so new technology that’s sweeping social media marketing, is to become an expert in the platform for ManyChat. While there are other forms of chatbots out there, they don’t offer all of the flexibility that ManyChat offers, which is why it’s become one of the most popular Facebook Messenger chatbots on the market today. In this little guide, we’re going to tell you how you too can become a ManyChat expert in 2019.

It’s All About the What?

Customizing the experience to suit your market is one of the most important things that you can do when it comes to communicating if you were doing it yourself, so why shouldn’t your chatbot give users the same freedom, flexibility, and personality? Incorporating a humanistic chatbot personality is one of the major keys that can make the biggest difference in how successful your return on investment (ROI) is, as well as increase the amount of people who will end up communicating with your chatbot.


By using strategic marketing, such as advertising and posting links to your products carefully, you can increase the amount of your own business revenue by using suggestive sales, a very commonly used technique worldwide in all other platforms. By recommending a customer use something that your company makes, say your brand of ingredients in a recipe that you provide when someone asks your chatbot for a cooking recipe, well, you have a higher chance of your customer buying your brand of ingredient, thus increasing your sales, and increasing ultimately your revenue, especially if they have a good experience and successfully make the “recipe’s byproduct.

ManyChat Courses

Smart Bot Marketers offers one of the top ManyChat courses on the market today, as well as some other courses in order to help make your chatbot work for you. It should be an automated thing that you don’t have to think about every second once you have it set up. You can also use your chatbot (and they’ll show you how) by offering customer support services that you would normally have to do yourself over and over again, such as answering frequent questions that are commonly asked by your user base.

By using your chatbot properly, you can incorporate a Q&A style that makes your chatbot unique, but also gives a person the impression that you custom tailored your chatbot specifically for them, and that’s something that you can do with ManyChat that you just can’t do with others.


It’s no wonder why many businesses are using programs like ManyChat today though. It doesn’t require you to actually have to learn code programming in order to edit and bend it to your will (although if you want to by all means, you can which makes it a great tool as well). Another thing is that full automation is something that you can aim for so you can concentrate on other things while you become a ManyChat expert by using courses offered by sites that are better than just a regular YouTuber.

You get a custom package when you use sites like SmartBotMarketers, so stop by there and give it a good read if you’re thinking about incorporating a chatbot into your Facebook Messenger, or just looking to get your feet off the ground if you’re not having much luck with your smartbot.

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