Tips On How To Download Your Favorite Shows And Movies From Netflix

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On a list of ‘how to chill,’ there is usually the recurrent mention of the popular media service provider – Netflix; where you can binge all of your favorite shows in one sitting. It has become so popular that a phrase has been coined from the service known as “Netflix and chill.”

However, as steadily as this provider is taking over from decoders, the issue, of relying on data to watch these Netflix movies, was, somewhat, posing a threat to the number of streams. Imagine trying to Netflix and Chill in an area with poor network connections, that would not be chilling anymore but a reel of frustration.

Well, that was just for a moment as Netflix introduced the ability to download some of these shows and movies with the Netflix Video Downloader and watch at a later time. As a result of this, you do not have to be bothered with getting a stable internet connection to stream.

In case you are still in the dark on how to download your favorite series or movies from Netflix, or you are just trying to get the hang of the site, not to talk of knowing how to use the Netflix Video Downloader, here are tips that can help you reach your goal quickly.

What You Can Download

This might be such great news, but not to burst your excitement bubbles too quickly; these downloads are only available to some of these shows and movies on Netflix, not all. However, from the list of content that can be downloaded is a vast selection and range, including most of Netflix’s original contents.

First Things First

The Netflix app must have been downloaded to your device. Open the app and go on the top left corner and click on the menu button (the menu button looks like the typical ones with the three horizontal lines).

After tapping on the menu button, there is the option just below the “Home” option which reads “Available for Download.” This option lets you know what movies or shows are available for download. Then tap on the show or the video that you would like to download. Next to the movie or episode is a downward arrow signifying you can click to download, and voila!

How Much Space Would I Need?

One more thing that needs to be considered when downloading these movies for later is the space available or needed on your device. In trying to determine how much space a download would take or how much space your device has, Netflix Video Downloader provides two quality options – one of the standard, and the other on of high quality. If you have enough data and space, you can easily go for the high-quality option, but an absence of both would have you settling for the standard one which is not so bad.

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